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Free Internet services

Mindomo new
web-based mind mapping tool, delivering the capabilities of desktop mind mapping software in a Web browser - with no complex software to install or maintain. broken link?Comments 
FutureMail new
lets you send messages to yourself and have them delivered on any date and time you choose. Use it to send yourself reminders, notes, or any information you want to have in the future. You can even share your future items in a public RSS feed or your own FutureMail blog. broken link?Comments 

Free Internet services : Online photo storage space

Pixilive new
free image hosting service to upload your pictures and share them easily with your friends. Valid formats: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, gif, tif, tiff. broken link?Comments 

Free Internet services : Web proxy

Proxycd new
free proxy site that will increase your privacy and security on the web by filtering the web pages you visit and hiding your identity, enhancing your privacy by hiding your IP address, browser information, and more. broken link?Comments 1

Freeware : Internet and Network : Browsers

IE7Pro 0.9.12 new
an add-on for IE 7 which adds lots of features and extras to make your IE easier, more useful, secure and customizable. You can use IE7pro as Tab Mix, AD Blocker, Flash Block, Super Drag Drop, Crash Recovery, Proxy Switcher, Mouse Gesture, Tab History Browser, Web Accelerator, User Agent Switcher, Webpage Capturer, Greasemonkey for IE and etc . Using IE7pro, you can Close/Open tab by double left click, build your own greasemonkey script, switch proxy, switch user agent, block ads and flash, recover browser crash, apply super drag drop, auto scroll page, manage tab history, refresh tab automatically, open new tab from address bar and favorites, view page information and save whole page to images quickly and so on. broken link?Comments 1

Freeware : Internet and Network : Email

Google GMail Loader .5 new
tool to import your existing email into GMail. Supports two mBox formats (Netscape, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Most Other Clients), MailDir (Qmail, others), MMDF (Mutt), MH (NMH), and Babyl (Emacs RMAIL). broken link?Comments 

Freeware : Utilities

LetMeType 1.81 new
like Microsoft's AutoComplete, it helps you enter text, but regardless of the program you use. Running in the background, it analyses what you type. After some time it has collected enough information to guess a word after you have typed the first two or three letters. A list of the most probable words is displayed, and you can select one with a single keystroke or just continue typing. broken link?Comments 

Other freebies : Other free stuff sites

Giveaway of the day new
every day we offer licensed software you'd have to buy otherwise, for free. They are giving away software, and you can download it from this site, right now and right here and their goal is to give away every good piece of software, sooner or later. broken link?Comments 
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