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Free online calendars

Try out a new method of organising you schedules online. Calendar applications are a simple mechanism to schedule and display activities online. These online calendars and web schedulers offer many remarkable features like setting reminder, especially for re-occurring events like birthdays and anniversaries, scheduling meetings and managing events. Plan your day or week with email reminders. Add photographs and images; customise the text features to indicate priority. The best way to plan resources for people on the go. Since all the events are recorded online, no data is lost, even in the case of a hard disk failure of any user.


30 Boxes
free, simple to use online calendar and to-do list. 1 review
Calendar hosting service. You can post events that span more than one day or that recur every 1st Tuesday, etc. You can keep a copy of your calendar data on your own computer, so you will never lose it. Users can search events and display only those of interest. No advertising, so they can be seamlessly integrated with your own web site. review
Google Calendar
keep track of all the events in your life, coordinate schedules with friends and family, and find new things to do - all with one free online calendar. review
Yahoo Calendar
Calendar with many features like: calendar shring, reminders, to do list, synchronization and more. 1 review

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