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Find a plethora of services which offer toll free numbers to receive faxes in your mail e-mail inbox, or are available for viewing across the internet. Some of these sites also offer bulk faxing along other interesting and important features. You can both send and receive fax message through most services.

Some are region specific, therefore check before whether the particular site offers services specific to your geographic location. Since the faxing happens on line, also check for file formats supported by the specific sites. You might also be required to install certain software in order to avail the services completely and correctly.


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FaxBetter Free
the free account allows you to send up to 20 free faxes per month and store about 1000 faxes received. Each time a fax arrives you will be sent a notification email. No credit card required to sign up. review
send a free fax to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Ad on the cover page, maximum 3 pages per fax, maximum 2 faxes per day. 7 reviews
it lets you send free fax to virtually anywhere in the world. It's free because is't supported by advertising. 1 review
send free fax to the US and Canada. 3 pages per fax maximum and 2 free faxes per day limit. No ads added. review
using this free internet fax service, you may send a fax for free to any US-based fax machine, which will be delivered within a few minutes after you finish typing your fax and send it out. review
Italy based internet faxing service. Max 3 faxes per month. 1 review

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