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If you are looking for free file hosting you have come to the right place. You have found one of the biggest lists of free storage space providers. It will help you to host your file no matter what size it is, even hundreds of megabytes.

Free online storage space services are very cool. You don't need to carry the flash drives or hard disk, because you have it on you secure free internet storage space. Accessible from anywhere, anytime. Great like free music file hosting or any other data backup.

Sometimes comes even with FTP access of unlimited lifetime of the stored data.

If you want to share only images - look also in free image hosting section.

Free File Hosting Sites:

web-based file sharing and online storage - 100MB free. Allow authorized guests to upload and manage files in your folders in accordance with your permissions. Files can be shared with anyone, including non-members, using a simple web-based link to shared files. Comments: 6
upload your files anonymously. 20 GB filesize limit and unlimited bandwidth. Comments 
Drive Headquarters
online storage in a windows explorer style interface, very easy to use. It also offers online backup, share and free email services. Comments: 4
on-line file storage for uploading, downloading and sharing your files, max. 10 GB / file. Comments 
free unlimited file hosting, allowed any file format, maximum file size 50MB. Comments: 2
free unlimited file hosting up to 300MB. You don't have to register and there is nothing to download. All files are uploaded through your browser. Comments: 3
free file hosting with 100 MB upload limit and no download limit. Comments: 2
upload, send and share your files. No size limits, unlimited downloads. Comments 
file hosting with no limits. Large files will automatically compressed and splitted into volumes by the RAR. Comments: 3
free and anonymous file-sharing platform. You can store and share data of all types (files, images, music, videos etc...). There is no size limit and you can download at the maximum speed. Comments 
20 MB of file upload space, all file types allowed. Registration required, instant activation. Download counters, image hosting, private file setting supported. Comments 
file hosting with any file types supported, free unlimited uploads/downloads, virtually unlimited free hyper space, 250MB file size limit, public and private sharing, instant uploads/downloads, no delays, no signup required and upload progress bar. Comments: 4
Mail Big File
send big files quickly and easily, without clogging up your email. Maximum file size is 512 MB. Comments: 1
free file host with unlimited uploads, unlimited downloads, unlimited bandwidth, multiple simultaneous downloads and no sign up required. Up to 100MMB per file. Comments: 6
1000MB internet storage space for free, on secure servers in Switzerland. Unlimited upload, download. Comments: 5
free file hosting and delivery service. A simply way for businesses, professionals, and individuals to share files, music, and images with others. Comments: 1
5 GB free online space, max 100 MB per file, 1 GB/day bandwidth, 200 KB/s max speed. Comments 
free file storage of files up to 300 MB, download bandwidth limit of 100GB, upload progress bar - you can know how fast you are going and how long is left. Comments: 5
secure file sharing and access to .zip files online. 100MB space. Comments 
free file hosting service that enables user to upload unlimited amount of files (each file up to 100MB filesize), with no sign up required to upload or download. Comments: 1
Internet storage space for your files and bookmarks. 5MB space for your files online and unlimited space for your bookmarks. Comments 

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