free online virus scan from internet

Free online virus scan

If you feel secure and you are not afraid of viruses, there is probably no need to install some antivirus tool on your computer. But from time to time, e.g. if you download something from the internet it's a good idea to check it before you run it. And that's exactly the time for always updated free online virus scanning services. There are many of them, some can check the whole computer and some are only for checking selected files, so choose from the online virus scan services list ...

Free Online Antiviruses:

Avast Online Scanner
this online virus scanner gives the possibility to check your files quickly and free of charge. Each time you may check only one file with size not exceeding 512kB. Comments 99
Bitdefender Online Scanner
free online virus scan service. Comments 4
Dr. Web
free online virus scanner for separate files. Comments 
Eset online scanner
tool which you can use to remove malware from any PC utilizing only your web browser without having to install anti-virus software. It uses the same ThreatSense technology and signatures as ESET NOD32 antivirus, and is always up-to-date. Comments 3
F-Secure Online Scanner
this free online virus scan is able to remove viruses but it cannot disinfect Worms, Trojans, Backdoors, etc since there is nothing to disinfect. This type of malware needs to be removed manually from the hard drive. Comments 4
Virus scanning service - the only online scanning service available to all web users. Comments 
Metascan Online
free service where you can upload files for scanning, analysis and identification by multiple antivirus engines. Filterbit facilitates rapid detection of viruses, trojans, worms and other malware that may be contained within your uploaded files. In many cases, Filterbit can also scan, analyze and individually identify multiple files contained within a file archive such as Winzip, WinRar, PKZip and other types. Filterbit also analyzes the types of each uploaded file such as Microsoft Word, PDF, TXT and other types and reports this in a human readable format. Filterbit currently uses Metascan antivirus engines from CA (Computer Associates), Norman Data Defense Systems, ClamAV, ESET, Microworld and VirusBuster. Comments 3
will let you know rapidly whether your PC is infected or not. It can detect viruses, spyware, and other threats that could be active on your PC at the time of the scan. Comments 
Online Malware Scan
free online virus scan where you can upload a suspicous file and it'll scan it with many different anti virus programs. Comments 3
Panda ActiveScan
an "always-up-to-date" free online virus scan service that works directly from your browser. Panda ActiveScan can scan and disinfect over 55,000 viruses, trojan horses and internet worms. Comments 1
free service for online scanning suspicious files using several antivirus engines. Comments 
free service for online virus scan suspicious files using several antivirus engines. Comments 1
free service for scanning suspicious files using several antivirus engines. Select and send any suspicious file to Virustotal for a scan. If you wish, you can also send files using your email client. Comments 1

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free online virus scan from internet