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Short Message Service or SMS is considered to be the fastest form of communication in the electronic form. It is considered faster than letters, e-mails or even phone calls. An SMS is read within approximately 30 minutes of it receipt where as an e-mail is read on an average within 48 hours of its receipt. SMS is the also said to be the most confidential form of person-to-person communication, unlike a voice call, which is the least private form, as it is prone to attract eavesdropping. Listed below are links to various geographic locations where you can communicate freely, with a specific ceiling on the character count on the size of the message sent.

another free to receive sms service online. 5 numbers - US, UK, Canada and Sweden. Comments
receive sms free to 7 (currently) public numbers. Comments
several virtual numbers to receive sms for free - US, UK, Canada and Sweden based numbers. Comments 
Russia. You can send free SMS message only to MTS subscribers of the Moscow region. Comments 1
receive SMS online for free without registration. 8 numbers - United Kingdom, Belgium, Hong Kong, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Thailand. Comments
free online service to receive SMS for free. Currently there are 6 numbers (US based) to choose from. Comments
receive sms for free, without registration. Currently 19 numbers from US, UK, Canada, Poland, India, Sweden, Belgium and Australia. Comments 1
receive sms online for free. 5 numbers - US, UK, Canada, Sweden. Comments 

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send free sms to anywhere