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Long URL is hard to remember, looks ugly and sometimes is simply too long to fit in the field. That's when you have to use an URL shortener. These free to use online services are very often on very short domain names, so the complete URL might be even shorter than your domain name only. The final shorter link will not be only visually more appealing, easier to remember, but quite often you'll also get a click tracking stats.

And yes, the Google url shortener ( is discontinued (I do get this question occasionally via email). Google announced that the links will continue to work, but you can no longer create new links. But no worries, there are many options to choose from.

And if you want a real domain name, check Namesilo - great domain prices, .com domain for only $8.99!

Best ULR Shorteners:
free anonymous link shortening service. 1 review
Bit.lyone of the oldest and very popular shortener. review
free URL shortener with real-time detailed statistics. review
get full domain name in exchange of banner on your page. Popular words are reserved for paying customers. Comes with email forwarding too. review
easy to use online tool to create shortened links to all your favorite stuff. 1 review
a free service for shortening web addresses and other URLs. review
short URL provider, where you can choose from three domains:, or review
free account offers up to 500 URLs. review
simple link shortener, no need to create account, stats. review
Tiny.ccurl shortener with optional dashboard stats. review
another online service to shorten URLs that will not break and never expires. review
shorten any link to the minimum length. review

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