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A door way to web services that make online existence exciting and easy. Find the most useful and in-demand free tools for developing easy and user friendly web services. Discover the best hosting and development tools, which help to bring out the best in Internet web space creation. Select from an extensive variety of e-media options such as web Banner, Ad-rotators, and Pop-Up Advertisements to host on your web domain. Create tickers and counters, guest books, message boards, voting and polls, and other interactive means to make your web space more exciting and happening. Enable Web URL redirection and password protection mechanisms to secure your web space.


Ads rotators [ 0 ]
Chat rooms [ 1 ]
Counters [ 8 ]
Forms processing [ 3 ]
Guestbooks [ 5 ]
Mailing lists [ 4 ]
Message boards [ 4 ]
News Tickers [ 1 ]
Pools and Voting [ 2 ]
Search a Site [ 3 ]
Short URL Redirection [ 10 ]
Statistic [ 11 ]
Website speed test [ 7 ]
Website validation [ 3 ]

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Guestbook, web forum, email forms processing, counter, greeting cards, search engine, mailing list, voting pool, classified ads, announcer and daily cartoon. All free for your page at one place. broken link?Comments 
online tools that makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers. broken link?Comments
Over 25 free remotely hosted scripts. Including scripts such as auctions, web boards, counters, guestbooks and more. broken link?Comments 
web color combination testing tool and library for web designers. broken link?Comments 
Zip locator to your web site. Best of all, you don't have to worry about generating the code or creating the database, FastSite does it all for you. broken link?Comments 
Hosted Scripts
Offering free remotely hosted CGI scripts such as message boards, FFAL pages, mailing lists, and many other scripts! broken link?Comments 
Free message board hosting service with unlimited categories, boards, polls, threads and posts. Ad free, skin support, perosnal profiles, calendar ... broken link?Comments 
Password protection
If you register here you can: protect your site or homepage with password, automatically register new users, recieve e-mail with information filled by new users and register them by yourself, design your own registration page with any fields combination, add, delete, modify your users .... You do not need CGI-access on your server, all scripts are hosted on their site and it's free. broken link?Comments 
Philip Greenspun services
On his page he offers: the SPAM system for automatically maintaining mailing lists, the BooHoo system for automatically maintaining related links, Loquacious - for adding collaboration to static web sites, Lusenet - database-backed threaded discussions and Q&A forums, - a system for measuring traffic clicking from site A to site B and Uptime - a service that will check your server every 15 minutes and send you email if it is down. broken link?Comments 
Uptime Robot
free website monitor that will alert you whenever your website will go down. You can add up to 50 urls that will be checked every 5 minutes. broken link?Comments 
free XHTML, CSS, RSS validator. broken link?Comments 
Webmaster tools
we offer a complete webmaster tools. From broken link checker to form generator. broken link?Comments 
XML Sitemaps Generator
free service which enables you to create Google XML sitemaps online. broken link?Comments
Their current count is 10 scripts. They are: random link, random image, short URL, 10 web counters, announce it, clock, date, tell-a-friend, jump box and a META tag generator. broken link?Comments 

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free webmaster services to use on your site