free message board services to use on your site

Free message boards

A Message board is a forum for conducting debates and discussions through postings by the users. Message board is a web application, the content of which is nothing but the point of view of a particular user. They are also popularly called as to as web forums, discussion boards, electronic discussion groups, discussion forums or bulletin boards. The forum may also encourage communities or discussion topics to be introduced by the users. You can make you web space a more interactive and lively by incorporating a message board service, which can be easily customised to your needs though the links listed below.


remotely hosted meesage board with search function, built in counter, fully customizable, bad word filtering, registering. Comments 
free remotely hosted message board. Comments 1
create free, one-topic, web discussion forums in a few seconds, without registering or logging in. Comments 
free web based message boards with no traffic limit, searching capabilites, advanced management features and more. Comments 

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free message board services to use on your site