free pools and voting services to use on your site

Pools and voting services

There is no better technique to both analyze the thinking of your user and ensure his interactivity than by initiating opinion polls. Aside from satisfying their curiosity, an intelligent survey may even ensure visitors to coming back to visit your site to see the results, increasing the popularity of your web site. The sites listed below are to provide you with an easy and instant mechanism to create your own polls. The sites listed below are simple and give you a lot of options on the layouts, patters and design of the polls apart from the choices in the kind of options you wish to present to the user. They will also tally the results and display it to you in an appropriate fashion. The forums and links listed below can be customised to suit your requirements. Go ahead and shoot your questions!


Add web pool to your site, fast, easy to customize (use your own graphics, backgrounds, colors, fonts and images). You pick the question you want to ask, and you can have up to five answers for voters to choose from. Comments 
add a free poll, quiz or survey to anything that supports HTML Myspace, Xanga, Live Journal, AOL Instant Messenger, Blogs, and more. Comments 

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free pools and voting services to use on your site