free search a site services to use on your site

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A well informed user is a more satisfied user! Improve the navigation and the location of data of your web site. Make it easy for your users to find what they are looking for effortlessly. Create a site level search engine for your web space to create a relatively quicker and more improved surfing experience for your user. You can ensure that the user can find the data he requires form your web space quite swiftly making him a frequent visitor. Listed below are links which enable you to create your own site level search engine, which can be customized to meet your requirements. Most links do not require external software or hardware enhancements or any programming either. Just copy and paste the required codes provided by the links and you site level search engine is all ready to be used.


Add search capabilities to your page, without CGI or server modifications. Just sign up and they will mail you the HTML code which you paste into your page and its ready to search. And you can customize the search screens with your own background and logo. Comments 
With whatUseek intraSearch you can have a "search my site" feature on your website, without having to install any software. In brief, you just have to give them a little information about your web site and yourself, and immediately, they'll grab your web site and place each page into a database that contains only your web site, and once per week, they'll revisit your web site automatically to check for updated web pages. Comments 1
This application will create a custom site index for your website so that it can have a "search this site" without the need to install any software. It will not index more than 5000 pages of content. Comments 

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free search a site services to use on your site