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Web analytics is useful to study the behaviour, nature and type of visitors for a particular web site. Web analytics especially pertains to the usage of data collected from a web site to determine which aspect of the web site work are visited more, which sections are most viewed and which sections of the web space require attention. Unlike a web counter, a user cannot view these statics making him completely oblivious to the existence of these data. Gather information on number of web site hits, Page views, repetitive visits, login sessions, first visits, one-off visits, single pages viewed, bounce rates; i.e. people viewing just single pages and exiting, etc... Make your web site a success by considering every kind of statistical data available by using the links listed below.


Detailed statistics on their site visitors. Now you can keep track of how many people visit your site, when they come, how they found your site and more. Comments 
Extreme Tracking
Incredible amount of info. JavaScript enhanced, no hits restrictions. This service tells you amount of visitors, screen resolution, screen colors, browser type, OS, who referred them, search engine keywords and more, only one page in free version Comments 
Huge banner on your site is required. No hits restrictions, very comprehensive stats, referring web pages, hourly traffic graph, visiting hosts, countries and IP addresses, browsers and OS stats. Records will be forgotten after two days. Comments 
Hits Log
This free Web site stats service offers loads of real-time data about your site's traffic. HitsLog's services include a hit counter, which you can opt to make invisible on your site's pages. Stats featured here include referring URLs and domains, search engine keyword analysis, system tracking and more. Comments 
Mainly for Czech sites. Very detailed stats and graphs, for last 100 days. If you add small javascript to your page you can also track form which sites your visitors coming. And you are aslo listed in thematically divided catalog of pages. You have not to show any icon on your page. Comments 
Our service will track your web page traffic around the clock and you can check your statistics at any time. Comments 
free hit counter that is intended only for personal and nonprofit use, and it can track up to 1,000 page views per day. The tracker is easy to install, reliable and it satisfies the needs of non-professional users. Comments 
Huge portion of information. Visiting hosts, countries, IP addresses, screen resolution and colors, hourly traffic graph ,stats based On your time zone, search engine breakdown, javascript compatibility breakdown, most popular hour/day of week, referring web pages/URLs, average load time of site, average time user stays at site, total hits/visitors by day or month and more. Banner advertisement must be placed on the web page running this stats. Comments 
You must host banner on your site, for this stats. This service allows you to see how many people visited your site, unique hosts, browser types, visiting domains, how people found your site and more. You can watch as many pages as you want. No hits restrictions. Comments 
Czech. You can track unlimited number of pages. On your page will be only small icon (optionally with counter). Your site will be also listed in their catalog of pages. Comments 
Free stats for all your pages with totally hits/uniques, top referring URL's, visitors informations, serch engine breakdown and more. You can also have simple counter on your pages. This informations are stored in a password protected database. All this in exchange of banner advertisement in a prominent position on your web pages. Comments 

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free statistical services statistic for webpages