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Email is fast, easy and inexpensive. You probably have one email account at work, for business purposes, so how about getting one or more free email accounts only for you? For example, only for your friends or for newsletters you are subscribed for. No problem, you can get it, and you can choose out of many different domains (,, ...). A good web-based e-mail provider? It depends on your needs. But look for a lot of storage, address book, forwarding and sorting, and if you want to send mails from you email program also if they support the POP3/IMAP protocol.


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Free Email Accounts:

AOL Mail new
1TB space, POP3 and IMAP supported. Comments 
Disroot Mail new
free email account with 2GB space and 10MB attachment limit. POP3 and IMAP supported. Comments 
Mailfence new
free email account from a company based in Belgium. 500MB free storage. High respect of the privacy of users - no ads, no spams, no trackers, no solicitations, no backdoor, free from government surveillance. Comments 
Net-C new
1GB mailbox size, ad supported service. POP3 & IMAP. Comments new
secure, confidential e-mail service. 5GB space. They promise not to share data with third-parties. Comments 
free email account with 3MB space, and maximum message size 1MB. Comments 
Centrum Mail
Czech email provider. Up to 5000MB email storage/34000 emails, 15MB attachments. Comments 
free email account with 10 MB storage space, 40 MB / month bandwith, IMAP and web access. It is advertising supported - in emails there'll be taglines. 45 day no activity period deletion. Comments 
provides up to 2GB minimum storage for your emails and the storage limit increases with each passing second. Not only just a simple email, it provides various other cool services too, like calender, photo share application etc. Comments 1
free email account with unlimited mail storage. Comments 
250 MB space for email, attachements up to 10 MB. Comments 2
free email account with spam filtering and virus scanning tools, unlimited space for contacts, POP3 supported, email notificatoin and paging, auto-responders, 2048 bit encryption with full OpenPGP support. Comments 3
iCloud Mail
email account with 5GB free storage for your emails and documents. Web and IMAP access only. Comments 
free 2 GB webmail account with online data storage and features like: fast mail search, spam and virus protection and no advertisements. Comments 4
Slovak free email account. 16 MB space, POP3 and IMAP4 support, anti spam support. Emaill address like Comments 2
Lycos Mail
3GB space plus spam fighting tools. Comments 2
unlimited storage, web access, lots of domains to choose from. Comments 
free email account with unlimited storage, 2000 domain names to choose from, spam and virus protection, large attachement support and more. Comments 2
free email account with 125 MB storage, 10 MB message size and enhanced spam filtering. Comments 8
free email account from Microsoft with practically unlimited online storage as the storage space increases monthly. POP and IMAP supported and you can also use both protocols to download emails from other accounts. Smart spam filtering system, so you'll not see many junk mail in your inbox (but an occasional visit in junk folder in recommended to be sure). Nice and feature rich app for your mobile phone. Comments 
secure email account based in Switzerland. Free account with 500MB space and 150 messages per day limit. Comments 
Rediff Mail
free email account from Rediff. Comments 
Seznam email
Czech email provider. 2000 MB space for email, maximum attahement size 13 MB, antispam, POP3 support, emaill address like or Comments 2
web-based email. 6 MB storage and 150 messages, 10 MB / month transfer quota. Comments 
encrypted email account provider. Open source and forever free. 1 GB free. Based in Germany. Comments 
3 GB disk space for your free email account. Comments 76
Yahoo Mail
1 GB of email storage with spam protection, virus scanning and possibility to send and receive messages up to 10MB. Comments 2
Yandex Mail
free email account with unlimited storage, POP and IMAP support as well as powerful web access. Comments 
Zoho Mail
free email service with unlimited online storage. IMAP and POP supported. Comments 

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free email accounts - most complete list of free e-mail services