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You probably got one email account from your internet or hosting provider. But is it the best webmail account you can get? Yes, everybody have Gmail account and Outlook, but there are other email providers. Maybe you want a separate account for newsletters you are subscribed for.

Email account

No problem, you can get it, and you can choose from many different domains (,, ...).

The best email service?

It depends on your needs. Apart from the basic things like an address book or web-based access, there are other things to look for. Look for SSL/TLS support, a lot of storage space and forwarding and sorting options.

Do you plan to use your new account on more devices? Like the computer and phone? Or do you prefer an email client on your desktop? Then check the supported protocols.

  • POP3 - by default it downloads all email to your computer and leaves nothing on the server. But you can also configure it to keep messages on the server.
  • IMAP - modern and better option if you want to access your account from several devices. It downloads only a copy of the email to your device and keeps the original message on the server. Plus, if you'll have to reinstall your computer, no need to backup emails, you'll just redownload from server.

Do you want/need to use a custom domain?

If so, the best way will be to set up an inexpensive hosting account (I can recommend Hawkhost - from only $2.24 / month) and point your domain there.


SMTP servers [ 7 ]
Temporary email accounts [ 75 ]

Best Free Email Services:

AOL Mail
unlimited space, POP3 and IMAP supported. Easy to use filtering, not bad spam protection. A little bit more ads than others. review
Azerbaijan's biggest email service, 1GB mailbox. review
email provider with very simple interface, but seems to be working. review
Centrum Mail
Czech email provider. Up to 5000MB email storage/34000 emails, 15MB attachments. review
secure and private email account with 1GB capacity and 10MB attachment limit. Free for up to 200 messages per day. review
Disroot Mail
email address with 1GB space and up to 64MB attachments support. POP3 and IMAP supported. review
free email service that offers 10 GB space, 2 aliases, POP3 access, good spam protection, app for Android and iOS. Anonymous and without ads. review
Gmailvery probably the most popular provider with 15GB storage for your emails. Not only a simple email with superb searching, it also provides various other services too, like contact list, canned responses, vacation reply, calendar, photo share application, google drive etc. Great mobile app. Possibility to undo an email sent it by accident (for a short period of time) or manage your email while being offline. 1 review
GMX Mail
65 GB mail storage, up to 50MB attachments, calendar, advanced malware protection, POP and IMAP access review
250 MB space for email, attachements up to 10 MB. 2 reviews
mail account with spam filter and virus scanning tools, unlimited space for contacts, POP3 supported, email notification and paging, auto-responders, 2048 bit encryption with full OpenPGP support. 3 reviews
iCloud Mail
free webmail account with 5GB storage for your emails and documents. Web and IMAP access only. No label support. review
free webmail account with 2GB online data storage and features like: fast mail search, spam and virus protection and no advertisements. 3 reviews
Mail.comunlimited storage, web access, lots of domains to choose from. review
get and email address from a company based in Belgium. 500MB free storage. High respect of the privacy of users - no ads, no spams, no trackers, no solicitations, no backdoor, free from government surveillance. Two factor authentication, PGP support. review
create multiple temporary shared email addresses where the emails are automatically removed after 24 hours. review
Microsoft Outlook
Outlookaccount from Microsoft with 15GB space. POP and IMAP supported and you can also use both protocols to download emails from other accounts. Smart spam filtering system, so you'll not see many junk mail in your inbox (but an occasional visit in junk folder in recommended to be sure) + multiple email aliases are supported (you can find it in more settings menu). Nice and feature rich app for your mobile phone. review
1GB mailbox size, ad supported webmail service. POP3 & IMAP. review
the most secure free email address provider based in Switzerland. Account with 500MB space, 150 messages per day limit and just 3 folders support. End-to-end encryption, so they cannot decrypt and read your emails. No personal information is required and by default, they do not keep any IP logs. review
Rediff Mail
free email address from Rediff. review
Seznam email
Czech email provider. 2000 MB space for email, max attachment size 13 MB, antispam, POP3 support, email address like or 2 reviews
web-based email. 6 MB storage and 150 messages, 10 MB / month transfer quota. Expires after three months of disuse. review
encrypted and secure email addresses provider. Open source and forever free. 1 GB free. End-to-end encryption. Based in Germany. review
Vivaldi Webmail
capacity 5GB, maximum attachment size 20 MB. IMAP and POP3 support. Calendar with CalDAV. No ads. PGP encryption supported. review
3 GB disk space for your email. 69 reviews
mailbox with 10 GB storage space + additional 10 GB to store any files, documents or images. Also comes with a fax-to-email number, making it easy for you to send and receive faxes directly in you mailbox. review
Yahoo Mail
very generous 1 TB for your email with spam protection (now much better than in the past), virus scanning and possibility to send emails and receive messages of up to 10MB. Built in support for temporary emails. 1 review
Yandex Mail
YandexMailaccount with 10GB cloud storage. Email clients with IMAP and POP protocols supported as well as powerful web access. Nice function that highlights emails from real people. Mobile app for iOS and Android phones. review
another webmail provider with antivirus system and antipsam filtering. review
Zoho Mail
free email service with 5GB online storage and no advertising. IMAP and POP supported. Useful undo send feature can be enabled. review

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