free banner exchange programs - most complete list of banner exchange programs

Free banner exchange programs

Everybody who has a website wants to have a lot of visitors. Besides search engines, there are very popular services called banner exchange programs. The name says it all - you exchange banner views with other members. Your banner will show up on other member websites and on your website will be banners from other users. Typical banners are 468x60 pixels or 400x40 pixels and it is usual that you get one impression of your banner for two impressions of banners on your pages (it is the ratio 2:1).

Free Banner Exchanges:
banner exchange with ratio 2:1, banner 468x60 (JPG, GIF or SWF), 5000 free credits, bonus impressions for clicks on banners, multiple campaigns for each member, multiple banners for each campaign. Comments 
Austria. Ratio 10:7, 600 free inpressions, banner 468x60, smaller than 10k. Comments 
Banner Co-Op
1:1 exchange rate + cash to promote your site. Target your ads. Exclude your competitors from your site. Banner 250x72, animated OK, up to 7k. Comments 
Brazil. Banner 400x40 GIF ot JPG smaller than 10k (on the left is added standard 40x40 exchange logo). Ratio probably 2:1. Comments 
Exchange ratio 1:1, banner 468x60 (below banner is attached 468x20 banner). Comments 
Czech. Banner 468x60, ratio 2:1. Comments 
Every day new comics on your site and also banner advertising. Banner 468x60, ratio 2:1. 2000 free impressions just for signing up. Comments 
banner exchange with ratio 2:1, banner 400 x 40 plus optional logo 40 x 40. Comments 1
All banners should be 400 x 50 pixels (plus 60x50 exchange logo)- you can create them in GIF or JPG format as long as the file does not exceed 7K in size. Animations are OK. Targetting. No banner uploading, only tell them where your banner is. Display ratio 1:1. Comments 
Link Buddies
banner exchange with ratio 4:3 (on the top of page) 2:1(elsewhere), 468x60, no larger than 10 kB. No exchange logo, no text under, just the banner. Animations OK, 500 free credits for joining. 5 banners per one site. You can have multiple accounts. Comments 
Free text link exchange network where participating web sites display small text links in exchange for credits which are converted into unique visitors to them from other web sites. Comments 
Banner 400x40, targetting, no cookies, up to 3 banners, ratio ? Comments 
Specialized on music. Buttons 88x31 (GIF or JPG) with exchange ratio 3:2. Comments 
Poetry link exchange
For poetry and literature related sites. No view or click-through ratio, all banners are showed randomly. 468x60/400x40/200x40/88x31 gif or jpg banners. Comments 
this free banner exchange site includes the ability to include sound effects with your banner (no plug-ins required). Banner must be 468x60 (below is exhange logo), smaller than 16 KB. 1000 free advertising credits for joining. Targetting. Comments 
Relmax Flash Banner Exchange
Exchange flash and regular 468x60, 100x100 and 88x31 banners with other web sites and target your banners to the right auditory. There is a two-level referral program. Comments
Free banner exchange system. All you have to do is to place a small html code on your site, add your banner, and we take care of the rest. Features: 10:9 ratio, 1000 free impressions, targeting, set priority on banners, up to 20 banners allowed, anti cheat system, real time detailed statistics and more. Comments 
Swiss. Ratio 2:1 or 3:2 (on the maipage), banner 400 x 40 plus 40 x 40 exchange logo, smaller than 8k. You start with 300 credits. 5 simultanous banners. Statistics. Banners max. on 100 pages. Comments 
UK Banners
Ratio 10:7. Banner 468x60 pixels and less than 10kb, GIF, animation OK. Only one banner per account. Comments 

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free banner exchange programs - most complete list of banner exchange programs