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A brilliant new way to assess your virtual popularity! Have you ever wondered why people actually have shown interest in your web space? Although you can see the visitors that have visited your web domain though various counter services, you would be amazed to find out the increase in traffic you can generate by analysing the specific key works that people search for. Based on the analysis which you derive from the data at your disposal, you can add these hotkey words to ensure an increase in visitors and subscribers to ensure higher web traffic from a more diverse crowd and raise your target audience by a very big margin by selecting one of the links mentioned below.


Infotiger voyeur
Watch what others are searching - in realtime. Comments 
SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
keyword suggestion tool from Aaron Wall, author of the SEO Book. Comments 
An evolving experiment in "sidesifting" the Web for useful patterns of information. If you enter two misspellings of a word, it will show you which one is more popular, though neither one is right. Comments 

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free online keywords tools and services