free fax software

Free fax software

Too much electronic equipment and computer accessories on your office desk? Finding it difficult to coordinate your attention between all that jungles of wires? The links suggested below help those users who just need simple and reliable programmes to receive their faxes conveniently. These links provide applications which enable you to redirect your incoming faxes through your computer. Incoming faxes can be automatically routed and printed via your default printer on the operating system. All incoming faxes can be tagged with the required crucial details. Most applications also provide re-printing and log creation options, to suit our requirements.



Fax by Modem
free tools that that will help you to faxs any document type via modem to any fax machine in the world. Comments 1
HylaFAX 6.0.6/4.4.8/4.3.11
open source fax server system for sending and receiving facsimiles as well as for sending alpha-numeric pages. Comments 
created to help users who just need a simple, reliable program to receive faxes. It works with TAPI Fax modems to automatically print and save incoming fax calls. Incoming faxes are automatically routed and printed to the windows default printer. All incoming calls are logged with time, date and status information. All printed files are logged with time, date and print status information. Users can reprint historical faxes if needed. Comments 

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free fax software