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Arasan 23.5 updated
strong chess playing program. 5 reviews
GoKnot 2.0
a Windows Go solution. Go is the game aka Wei Qi and Baduk. GoKnot can be used for playing, locally or on the Internet. It can also edit and analyze games, supporting: Game trees, SGF, maps in HTML, realistic boards, hints during play and more. review
Kling 2.001
Game played on a 9x9 grid. The objective is to line up five or more balls of the same color. Each time a ball is moved, three more balls appear on the grid. You must actively clear off lines, or the grid will fill up. review
Net Blitz
Chess program running on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 wih multiplayer support for 2 to 4 players and ability to play over the Internet or a local network usign TCP/IP. review
Pioneers 15.6
port of the The Settlers of Catan game to computer. You can play against computer or real persons. review
PouetChess 0.2
a small 3D chess game. review
Sea Battle
computer version of popular battle ship board game. Sea Battle is a great replacement of solitaire game on coffee break, airplane, or cloudy evening. Absolutely free. review

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