freeware sport games bowling, darts and more

Free sport games



CannonSmash 0.6.6
3D tabletennis game. Comments 
You snowboard down 10 different trails collecting tokens and hitting jumps. Comments 
Rally Cross 0.72
Classic racing game where a group of "micro" machines use everythings to win. Comes with the possibility to race with 4 players simultaneously (2 key + 2 joy). Artificial intelligence is very good and evolves while you are playing. Comments 
Trophy 2.0.3
2D car racing action game for Linux. Comments 
ZZ Darts 0.91e
3D darts simulator running under Windows 95 or 98. You can play '01 game with your friends, families, or 3 computer players of different skills. Comments 

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freeware sport games bowling, darts and more