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Black Box Email 2.0
Anonymous email client. Comments 
Blat 3.0.7
Public Domain Windows 95/NT console utility that sends the contents of a file in an e-mail message using the SMTP protocol. Blat is useful for creating scripts where mail has to be sent automatically (CGI, backups, etc.), or just as a quick way to send a file or message quickly from the command line. It will store relevant configuration details in the registry for ease of use. Optionally, blat can also attach multiple binary files to your message. Comments 
Email Remover 5.88
Utility that will help you deleted unwanted mails without the hassle of having to download entire messages. It works by retrieving only the mail headers and let's you preview the first few lines of your messages. Email Remover lists all the messages and let's you choose which ones to delete. After deletion, it can launch your regular email program to download the remaining mails. Works under Windows 95/98 and NT. Comments 
Fire Mail 1.2
Allows you to handle many news-letters at a time. You have only to write your messages, load your email lists and press SEND button. Comments 
Gmvault 1.7 beta
freeware tool to easily backup (ans restore) your Gmail account. Comments 
GPGrelay 0.82
small email relaying server which interferes SMTP- and POP3-Communication that way, that transmission of emails will be signed and/or encrypted on the fly using GnuPG (The GNU Privacy Guard) with your default email-program. Comments 
HideOE 1.1.1
creates a Tray Icon, and allows you to show and hide Outlook Express by clicking the icon. It can also be set to hide Outlook Express when you minimize it. Comments 
HideOutlook 1.0.18
It creates a Tray Icon, and allows you to show and hide Outlook by double clicking the icon. It can also be set to hide Outlook when you minimize it. Comments 
Mach5 PopMonger Free
Process your inbound email for confirmed opt-in list management, using simple yet powerful rules and tasks for sending auto replies, redirect messages. Automatically delete matched emails from your inbox, redirect the rest for you to read. Comments 2
Mailstore Home 8.1
free email backup tool that can archive emails from any internet emails like Gmail or YahooMail, simply from any POP3 and IMAP account. Also supports Outlook, Exchange server and Thunderbird. Comments 
Mozilla Thunderbird
free, open-source and cross-platform mail client for most operating systems including, but not limited to, Windows, Linux and Macintosh. It is based on the Mozilla codebase. It is a robust and easy to use client, similar to competing products like Outlook Express, but with some major advantages such as junk mail classification. Comments 
nPOP 1.0.9
This software allows you to access e-mail on a POP3 mail server on your Pocket PC or PC. It provides the function of common remote e-mail access. Comments 
Outlook DLock 2.0 beta 1
Allows you to unlock locked extensions in Outlook XP. Comments 
Pegasus Mail 4.61
atandards-based electronic mail client suitable for use by single or multiple users on single computers or on local area networks. Comments 
Stripmail 0.99p
Utility that cleans received e-mail messages containing '>' or '|' at the beginning of each line. Comments 
Subscribe Emails 2.5
Helps you organize subscription to email mailing lists on Internet websites. It lets you check POP3 email mailboxes for subscribe or unsubscribe email requests, download email messages with the requests to your computer. Comments 
X-Ray 0.01
Mail-filtering program. Major objectives of X-Ray are: to provide privacy by removing unwanted mail headers and to make it convenient to switch between several different incoming and outgoing mail servers without reconfiguring your mail software. Comments 
XMail 1.25
Internet and intranet mail server featuring an SMTP server, POP3 server, finger server, multiple domains, SMTP relay checking, spam protection and more. Comments 

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free email software tools to help you with your email messages