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ANT 4 Pizza Timer 1.3
countdown timer that alerts you, when your pizza is ready. It plays a soundfile to notify you, in case you don't sit in front of your PC. You can customize different profiles, so you can easily use it for various dishes. Comments 
If you want to alter your system date just for a short period of time then Beyondo is the tool you want. Comments 
Calenz 1.3
Personal calendar which runs locally on your PC. It allows you to enter any events for days on or after today and Calenz will remind you on the events occurring today and tomorrow. Comments 
Date Calculator
Simple utility to calculate the number of days, weeks, months or years between any 2 dates. Comments 
shows current time and date in another time zone, in system tray, next to your computer clock. Comments 
PC On/Off Time
Shows the working time on your computer of the last 3 weeks without logging your computer before. Comments 
PC On/Off Time 2.0
shows the working time on your computer of the last 3 weeks graphically. Works with Windows Vista/XP. Comments 
Round Calendar 1.10 beta
A rounded calendar which stores bitmaps, highlights dates of interest and print a one year calendar in a round shape. Comments 
Time Stamp 3.02
Program you can use to easily track time spent on a project. It enables you to time how long you spend on a task, including features that let you take "slack time" for a phone call or break. Comments 
TimeLeft 3.43
countdown, reminder, clock, stopwatch, timer, sticker and time synchronization utility. TimeLeft uses Winamp skins, it's attractive, easy to use and highly configurable. Comments 

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