free log analyzers get all the info from you logs for free

Free log analyzers

What does a logbook or an attendance register do, the same done by the log analyzer, and it keeps a track of the incoming traffic to your webpage. A log analyzer is an essential part of many websites. So if you are eager to know that where are all the visitors coming from and what actually they all doing, then just check out the log analyzer. It is an important tool for the advertisements and promotional sites. This way you can have a look at the public view and can understand the mentality of the Internet users. The log analyzers can also provide you with the time the visitor logged in to the website and the time he or she departed. These data are useful to understand the users trend and the market trends.


Access Panda
CGI script that generates fast, pretty graphs from the data in web site log files. It can graph usage by hour, day, week, or month, and displays the top pages, machines, and top-level domains. Comments 
AlterWind Log Analyzer Lite 3.2
free website statistics software. With its help you can determine the basic characteristics of the hits on your site, learn which search engines and search phrases bring you visitors, which referring sites generate the most traffic, and discover and fix errors in the workings of your website. Comments 
Short perl script that analyses log files (in either the Common, or NCSA Extended log file formats) and produces an HTML page reporting on the robots seen. Comments 
Logalizer 1.4
It allows you to load a text file (log file) and perform the number of important actions, such as collecting referrer statistics, sorting the documents requested, creating html report pages, launching selected links etc. Comments 
Pwebstats 1.3.8
This perl statistic generato will analyse a www server log, producing a variety of statistics. The output is a series of HTML pages and graphs. Comments 
Visitors 0.7
fast web log analyzer for Linux, Windows, and other Unix-like operating systems. It takes as input a web server log file, and outputs statistics in form of different reports. No install required. Comments 
Web Log Filter 1.09.01 Alpha
helper utility for people who have huge (Apache) web log files, over a gigabyte in size, and want to be able to analyze these logs in standard web log analysis tools. It runs simple scripts that will rip through a log file at blazing speed and extract just the lines you care about (discarding the rest) and create one or more new log files, which are smaller and more manageable. Comments 
Webalizer 2.01
Fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser. Comments 
WebLog Expert Lite
It allows to quickly and easily analyze your log files and get information about your site's visitors: activity statistics, what files visitors accessed, information about referring pages, search engines, browsers, operating systems, and more. Comments 
The wwwstat program will process a sequence of HTTPd common logfile format (CLF) access-log files and output a log summary in HTML format suitable for publishing on a website. Comments 

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free log analyzers get all the info from you logs for free