free promotion tools programs to help you with popularization of your webpage

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Make you user more enlightened through your web space by improving his general knowledge, while he surfs your web site. A news ticker, also popularly called as a "crawler" is an XML based script which is basically used to display news headlines or highlight pieces of information which hold importance. Sports scores, weather updates, breaking news, employment news, headlines etc can be made to appear in these news tickers. Most of the ticker links listed below support RSS Feeds. The utilities specified below are very easy to incorporate in your web space and gives a very interesting appeal to the overall appearance of your web site.


ALink SE
It takes the hard work out of setting up and maintaining your Reciprocal Links. Automatically sending requests for new links, checking for links that have been added, removing bad links and generating your Reciprocal Links Page automatically. Comments 
Free Monitor for Google 2.3
free website position monitoring utility for Google. It shows real-time position in Google searches for any keyword or phrase in 30+ languages (Unicode supported). Works through Google API. Comments 
Google Monitor 2.3
find position of your web site in Google Top for popular keywords. For Windows 9X/2000/XP. Comments 
Link Popularity Check 3.0
Program that checks the link popularity status of your web site on several search engines and compares it to other web sites on the Internet. Comments 
PaRaMeter 1.2
with this tool you can quickly check the PageRank of all your sites with just a single click, so you don't need to open them in your browser one by one. Comments 
RoboGen 1.51
Visual editor for Robot Exclusion Files; it allows one to create agent rules by logging onto your FTP server and selecting files and directories. It also maintains a comprehensive list of user-agents which can be selected from a drop list. Comments 

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free promotion tools programs to help you with popularization of your webpage