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this is not working i dont know whats their problme

Comment submitted on 30-Sep-06 by naveenjothi

Nice site! a pleasant suprise

Comment submitted on 12-Jun-07 by AndyGreek

"Voicheap SUCKS!!!!! They dont mention the ""fair use policy"". After a certain ""number"" of calls, even within your 90 day free call time frame, they can still deduct credit if they feel you are making too many calls to your ""free"" destinations. This company SUCKS. I will never refer anyone. I'm going to use Yahoo, which is also 1 cent a minute."

Comment submitted on 23-Jun-07 by Tom

voipcheap is not working always say error code:8 i have still 10 euro blance

Comment submitted on 17-Jul-07 by prabal

my computor was recently broken I have lost all my details passwords etc can you contact me with assistance

Comment submitted on 07-Feb-08 by Geoffrey Simpson

"i used voipcheap.i think the prices arent true,because i had 10 euro in my account.i should have talked 166 minutes, but i only talked 45 minutes and my money finished.so i dont believe voipcheap anymore."

Comment submitted on 14-May-08 by ahmed


Comment submitted on 23-May-08 by ahmed

"Free calls that last one whole minute! WOW! At least iCall lets you have five minutes. Funny, I couldn't find the time limitation listed anywhere until AFTER I registered. Now, I expect I'll be getting a lot of SPAM."

Comment submitted on 04-Jul-08 by Joanie

"I have been using Voipcheap for possibly 2 years or more but suddenly cannot sign in with my username and password. It is telling me that it has expired. I still have freedays and money left on, can you please help. Many thanks."

Comment submitted on 25-Sep-08 by Maureen Moxon

what is error 4 showing into login?

Comment submitted on 28-Jan-09 by Ruti D. Darji

I would like to know why I am buying credit in Euros. I need to buy in GBP Thank you

Comment submitted on 25-Feb-09 by Catherine Smith

"Well, i have a problem with my payment,it was my first time with voipcheap,after paying my rent with the reference number which is 326702816089,on the 05/03/2009,since then till now no credit has been send to my account,why? i sent from spain BBVA bank which account number is 0182/0999/84/0298509035 thanks"

Comment submitted on 25-May-09 by makintouch

I cannot recommend this service. I installed this software last night and made free calls to a friend who lives 5 minutes from my house. I tried to contact him tonight and got a message that I have exceeded my free calls....After receiving the message I did some research and the reviews have been VERY BAD...money paid for credit but given much less than what was paid for...no one to answer the phone EVER to straighten the problem out...I read too many complaints to mention here.

Comment submitted on 28-Jun-09 by Lynn


Comment submitted on 01-Jul-09 by tarar

"Voip cheap is a fraud company, please don't use voip cheap"

Comment submitted on 01-Dec-09 by Shareef

"For 2 years I have not had any problems with Voipcheap. Now I can't get into my account (in credit) I am told I have used the wrong password, but it hasn't changed for 2 years. The password reminder service is broken and Voipcheap NEVER show email help addresses - WHY? Unless I can contact tem somehow I will just use Skype in future. Has anyone got a Voipcheap email contact address?"

Comment submitted on 26-Mar-10 by Chris Thorpe

"Be very careful with VOIPCHEAP it is impossible to contact them directly. My account is not accesible for some reason, and I cant contact then to find out what the problem is. Even if they only have 7or 8 locked up in credit x by a few hundred account holders in my position - its a lot of money. Beware and only load up as little as possible."

Comment submitted on 31-Mar-10 by Chris Thorpe

"i have made account in voip on april...........but i cannot make a credit in that,,,,,,,,,,,,eventhough i have done all the procedure /////would u pls help mel"

Comment submitted on 24-Apr-10 by joseph kuruvilla


Comment submitted on 20-Jul-12 by Hensuptundits

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