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"One of the best free file hosting sites I have ever used. Reliable, fast, secure and even witha free account you get alot. Make an account and you won't regret it."

Comment submitted on 23-May-07 by slick

"yes i made an account on , its quite good. pretty fast, but dont get too carried away guys.. this site may slow down after a couple of months, excactly what happened to and"

Comment submitted on 18-Jun-07 by spank

Upload is fast but download is slow (5-9.4k)

Comment submitted on 28-Jun-07 by Hotel Booking Pro

As of this month (October07 ) each time I go to hotlinkfiles i'm getting a message server closed. They completely shutdown the music on a friend of mine's Myspace page; however on my Myspace page the music is still loading to the page albeit much slower than it was. You had better check this situation out and find out what's going on with them.

Comment submitted on 15-Oct-07 by DrDisk

"Same story: ""Server closed"". There was a message last week on maintenance - have they shut-down completely?"

Comment submitted on 15-Oct-07 by Eric

"For a week now I don't have access to the ""hotlinkfiles"" website nor to my files stored there. On the 22FEB08 I sent an email to """" asking what is going on but until today I received no answer. Did they shut it down totally?"

Comment submitted on 23-Feb-08 by Joao M. Vidal

"Hotlinkfiles is a waste of time (and if you dare buy a membership) money. I had a free account for about a year and it worked ok for a free account, but as time passed, it would take more and more time to access my folders, so I bought a value membership but that did not improve access time, in addition moving from folder to folder would take 30 to 50 seconds per directory change."

Comment submitted on 23-Jul-08 by Duece

"I contacted HOTLINKFILES about the problem and their response was I had too many folders :) Well I had seven folders and reduce my folders to 4 and that didn't improve the speed, so I contacted HOTLINKFILES again and they told me it must be my location:0 I live in the US, their servers are in the US, and they are full of it."

Comment submitted on 23-Jul-08 by Duece

"I had already upgraded my bandwidth to a plus account($9.95) and got that type of response from HOTLINKFILES, so I packed up and moved to a real host. For the past few days I have tried to access the few files I left behind and I get a too many connections message."

Comment submitted on 23-Jul-08 by Duece

I'll end this long message by saying that at the beginning of each new billing cycle my account with HOTLINKFILES would revert back to a free account and a message would replace the files saying my bandwidth was exceeded making me look like some sort of stumble bum who hadn't paid his bills! HOTLINKFILES SUCK!!! Bye Y'all!

Comment submitted on 23-Jul-08 by Duece

"the last few days, it always said, ""too many connections."" now it claims that I dont have an account with them. did you fellows switch and what did you switch to?"

Comment submitted on 23-Jul-08 by Abel

"Since 30 July HotlinkFiles servers have been down and all files have been deleted, with no response from support."

Comment submitted on 31-Jul-08 by webcuts

i go to my files and it says there are none; is there a good file storage out there which allows you to link to it from a different web site? thanks

Comment submitted on 31-Jul-08 by abel

"all that i have fact left in wind :( i try to connect on my account, it tells me "" too many connections"" at least I knew of which connect they speak..i wrote to"" contact us"".. it remained without answer.. damage. .i saw this site as the best blog is now botched..thank you hotlinfiles :("

Comment submitted on 05-Aug-08 by nj

"As a paying customer I received this message 'too many connections'. I asked about the problem, got no answer, and suddenly my password was reset. I asked for a password reset. I could log in again, but not access my files. I wrote to them again. No answer. Suddenly I cannot even login anymore. I wonder if I will manage to get rid of my monthly payings, as I am certainly not going to use this service any longer. It was what I needed, but it has proven to be very unstable and very slow."

Comment submitted on 08-Aug-08 by bowo

"I too cannot log in for a few days now to Hotlinkfiles, it says it doesn't recognize my username.. in the time shortly before this, I was able to log in but it said I have no files.. I contacted support without response.. hopefully this is just a big glitch, but if this doesn't get solved soon, let's contact each other to see what we can DO about it, because I have important things hosted there that I haven't backed up yet..."

Comment submitted on 08-Aug-08 by Transcix

my e-mail is iam.there.foreithink at gmail dot com

Comment submitted on 08-Aug-08 by Transcix

"Awful customer service and once again a constant ""Too Many Connection"" message."

Comment submitted on 30-Aug-08 by Catanaition

"I was thinking getting a hotlinkfiles subscription, but no way will I anymore - they have been jerking me around with their stupid ""too many connections"" nonsense. They are unreliable. Period."

Comment submitted on 25-Sep-08 by Oi

HotlinkFiles should be a purely free service considering the poor service and lack of support. The owners of should be considered crooks for charging customers a monthly fee then deleting their uploads and not responding to numerous emails for weeks on end. If you pay for a hotlinkfiles membership after reading the comments here well... you get what you deserve.

Comment submitted on 04-Dec-08 by HotLinkFiles RiP Off

"Don't use as storage for your js file especially. If the server of hotlinkfiles is down, ur site can't load @ all if those js file is locate @ ur site template"

Comment submitted on 14-Sep-09 by eldy

"Same S**t, different day. I've had an acount with for about 2 weeks and everything was great until about 3 days ago when all of a sudden I can't login to my account or access my files. ""Too many connections"" it says. No answers from support. My webpages and blog will not load properly so I'm done with these folks ! Buh-bye!"

Comment submitted on 14-Oct-09 by UnhappyCamper

"I think that this is a terrible problem, but what other hosting site to do you know that will work for free and let you hotlink? I need one of those. I hate the ""too many connections"" but I hate not having files hotlinked even more."

Comment submitted on 08-Dec-09 by Alex

"I can't access my files nor my account either! I have back-ups for my client's logo's stored there, and some portfolios.. now how can I get it back? :( I hope that hotlinkfiles can repair and solve their sites issue.. it's really a shame if they don't, I know they can, but the question is, will they? I hope so"

Comment submitted on 15-Dec-09 by be back

"yes it was the best webpage , but i need my files please if is possible send me my files"

Comment submitted on 20-Dec-09 by faucettperuvirtual

it shows always ''too many connections'' and the files is fast upload but damn slow download. i have bought my own server and thats works good.

Comment submitted on 23-Dec-09 by thew

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