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I don't recommand this website. Unsafe.

Submitted on 25-Mar-08 by james

"James, can you prove that Justbudget is actually unsafe?"

Submitted on 02-May-08 by George

"Very bad website, I can't go from one page to another - be it from the login screen, or adding a transaction, or editing a transaction, etc - without encountering an ""internal server error"" page. I have to refresh it atleast 2-3 times before I can get to the page I intend to go to... Highly unstable, very frustrating to use"

Submitted on 02-Jun-09 by Manoj

"Used to use and actually enjoyed it. However, the Calendar app on the New page stopped working (at least for me) in mid-June. Can't make entries with dates other than the current date of entry. Now it's a useless site for me. Emailed for help from Justbudget's Help page and I get a Software Error message. Don't know if they're receiving any messages."

Submitted on 05-Nov-09 by Stevie B.

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