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Submitted on 28-Dec-06 by Leon HLE

"My 3GB email walla.com has been hacked by godzila, so I can not use the email properly and there was a kind of alphabet which I can not understand compleetely"

Submitted on 01-Jul-07 by Junaedi

walla 3B email has been hacked by godzyla

Submitted on 01-Jul-07 by Junaedi

"I started to like my walla.com email and i was planning to use it as my permanent email site even the language has change to something else it was english, But the problem is... sometimes it is there sometimes isn't."

Submitted on 25-Jul-07 by Lita

"it happened the same thing to me. the language is hebraic, because walla is now israeli. i think they should at least have it also in english. i can't even change the options and other things, i don't understand hebric!"

Submitted on 26-Jul-07 by jucifer

"sugesstion: it would be nice if the walla mail site could be in english, or if it could have an english language option, thanks for listening"

Submitted on 11-Sep-07 by Alvaro

it sucks - Walla! started as a great e-mail service and failed unexpectedly all not Israelis. The worst part - they don't read such forums....

Submitted on 24-Sep-07 by frida

Walla.com needs to have an english version.

Submitted on 01-Dec-07 by shaun

i want to find my count of walla but i cant find the sites of wallaso i would like to know what can i do

Submitted on 12-Dec-07 by ryan romero

"i was two hours on ""line""today,trying to get walla, to read my e.mail and never made it.why is that?"

Submitted on 06-Jan-08 by shabtay

it was nice now it sucks

Submitted on 07-Apr-08 by dick skoton

i was trying to login but it sucks even i cant find english version but as i read the comments above i am saved man !!!! rather than spending time ...but its bullsheet

Submitted on 21-Apr-08 by bini

was in english when I first signed up...how can I get it in nenglish now?

Submitted on 14-May-08 by wilson

i love walla

Submitted on 26-Jun-08 by mohammad

i love walla.com

Submitted on 22-Jul-08 by Lanre Marck Williams

"It sucks! If you can't make it in english, turn it off! It was realy good mail serv, but suck it ."

Submitted on 18-Sep-08 by dolfe


Submitted on 21-Sep-08 by Edward

"Yes, when I joined it was in English. You would think that they would put that option seeing we stayed on to help them become popular. If the option doesn't come, I will just ask a friend who understands the Hebrew to delete my account after I forward it to another email server. I hope that the option is given soon!"

Submitted on 23-Oct-08 by Tylicia

Walla Sucks.. I have been using Google translator to figure out how to cancel my email account to no freaking avail.

Submitted on 25-Nov-08 by Ron

English language only and no links are allowed

Submitted on 04-Jan-09 by cabdilaahi cali

Walla in english is possible?

Submitted on 17-Mar-09 by Hannu Tikka

"I am surprised that I can't read walla page. Everything is written in Hebrew except my email. How can I change it back to all English? Any hints or clues on how to do it, please?"

Submitted on 15-May-09 by Hermann

I would like to have english email page but not hebrew one.

Submitted on 01-Jun-09 by Dave aram

"make walla with two languages English and hebraic ,and make option for choosing the language"

Submitted on 07-Jun-09 by bamsma

does anyone know how to forward my walla email account to another account?

Submitted on 10-Jun-09 by david

Same story. Still use it even though its in hebrew though. Its not hard to find the username and password windows and the email portion is still in english. Unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to change my password. I would really like to know how to do that.

Submitted on 14-Jun-09 by bobsyruncl

"i want to finish mail in walla, how can i do that? please..."

Submitted on 14-Jun-09 by pedventura

love it

Submitted on 15-Jun-09 by emelieemelie

Walla is good. I like walla. Thanks walla.com

Submitted on 30-Jun-09 by ROBIANSYAH

"i change my walla for english right now is possible, go to options and in the window that apear, change for another option. btw, the option is the last link in the menu there you have inbox"

Submitted on 14-Jul-09 by trin

I want to delete this account and can't find any info . If i ever get rid of walla i'll never sigh up again . If you have info . please send me email for unsubscribing this site from hell !

Submitted on 20-Jul-09 by jeanne

"back to English, please ..."

Submitted on 28-Jul-09 by carla

thanks for walla site

Submitted on 02-Aug-09 by Alan

"I can't send out mail from walla (block with any reason) more than 2 years until now, I used walla as trash. Normally walla is hopeless webmail compare with gmail, gmail 10000 time better."

Submitted on 03-Aug-09 by Lozz

tank you

Submitted on 17-Sep-09 by hewa dewage

walla mail is one of the best! it plays films like youtube and is not limited by volume. just very good! for english version just sign in as name@walla.com

Submitted on 22-Sep-09 by Anatol

"Sorry my bad english. But Walla speak english, yes!!"

Submitted on 03-Oct-09 by Dimoba

I want to delete this account #walla and can't find any info . If u have info please send me email for unsubscribing this site from hell!! [2]

Submitted on 03-Oct-09 by Dimoba

hey dimoba what user interface to choose to get english> and how do you save the change?

Submitted on 04-Oct-09 by serdie

Please do translate from Herbrew to English. Thank you

Submitted on 25-Nov-09 by shamim mohammed

I forgat my username and password and ý can't open my e-mail.. Unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to change my password. I would really like to know how to do that.please translate from hebrew to english

Submitted on 30-Nov-09 by Irem DEVELILIOGLU

I want to delete my walla me account how do i do it

Submitted on 25-Dec-09 by Jewels

i need to sign up for walla how?

Submitted on 10-Jan-10 by viks

Hello I want to unsubscribe my account on walla because I receive very important e-mails and can't understand it because I don´t no hebraic!! Can you please send me information on how to do it to my other e-mail account senacamacho@gmail.com. I beg you to cancel my account please I'm going crazy.

Submitted on 01-Feb-10 by paula camacho

"I have not been able to get into my mail for two days now. The site keeps flashing ""loading"" without doing anything. Does anyone know what's wrong? My son thinks a virus may be behind this."

Submitted on 24-Feb-10 by Marta

i have a big problem- how to change a password in walla e-mail account????????? Please help meeeeeeeeee...I don't understand how to put the numbers in the right way...sorry my english...

Submitted on 26-Feb-10 by Jadrix

I cant even get my e-mail opened... walla was great.. it was awsome..wtf happen ?..

Submitted on 06-Mar-10 by Ronald Wentz jr

how can I get this email in english?

Submitted on 13-Mar-10 by wilson


Submitted on 19-Apr-10 by ohor

"To change language to English first login אפשרויות means More and it is second link from username toward left. On third dropdownmenu you can chose between two languages, english and hebrew, so if you have hebrew just chose other one and you are in english."

Submitted on 23-Apr-10 by Maria

Walla is great. Thanks

Submitted on 05-Oct-10 by Faisal

how do i deleate my account?

Submitted on 15-Nov-10 by kyle

please help me!! how can i delete my walla.account???

Submitted on 14-Dec-10 by bonbar


Submitted on 07-Jan-11 by jan c. koonce

"To change the language to English use a translator of web pages. If not, just click on the second link left side from the user name (on top of the options) and then click the sixth option listed to change the language."

Submitted on 26-Jan-11 by Alhoa

האם אפשר לשחזר מיילים שחרי שמחקתי מסל אשפה?

Submitted on 25-Feb-11 by DANNY

"I would like to registrate a new walla e-mail account. I can fill the data sheet with google translater but there is a captcha test. I can't read it, can someone help me with Hebrew to complete the test?"

Submitted on 17-Mar-11 by barto

I would like to have Walla in English Or In French

Submitted on 22-Apr-11 by Josef Picovsky

"I forgot my password of my email on walla, and i can't recover my password, any help please"

Submitted on 08-Jun-11 by Vitor

i just wanna use my stuff and i cannot get on it theres imortant stuff on there i need

Submitted on 15-Jun-11 by brooklynne

Please help me my id is make in english

Submitted on 02-Dec-11 by Mahmood Akhtar

"this is my e-mail from along time , nu i can not login to this adress , please send me new password to this e-mail: kemalkurdy@hotmail.com in order to login. with my best regadrs"

Submitted on 16-Dec-11 by diaxan

"For many years I was inexplicably unable to send emails from my Walla account (perhaps I was blocked from doing so for no good reason). Whenever I tried to send an email, a red bar would be displayed with no explanation and the email would not send. I have long since given up on walla email. I would like to close my account as it is only a receptacle for spam now, but this does not seem possible."

Submitted on 02-Mar-12 by Walla is not very good at all

"I lost my password to the account stivendanni@walla.com How do I get my password back? If you can do it, send it to stiven619@walla.com please."

Submitted on 28-Mar-12 by Steven Dani

I want to delete my Walla account. Gmail allows email deletion (much to my surprise and approval). Walla should allow email deletion. I want it gone!!

Submitted on 08-Jul-12 by LET ME DELETE MY WALLA ACCOUNT

i had forget my e-mail id and password...

Submitted on 22-Jul-12 by zakir hossain

"Please can anyone help me secure a walla e-mail id? I tried to translate it in english but the catcha word was not translated, please help me this is very urgent, my ID is michaellaviie@yahoo.com"

Submitted on 09-Sep-12 by Michael

why my walla acount is not woking?i can' check my email?

Submitted on 29-Nov-2012 by asha

Walla appears to be defunct. It is no more.

Submitted on 3-Mar-2014 by Gabriel

Does anyone know how to access email at walla.com? Suddenly, my user name and password do not get me in and I can't read Hebrew. There is no longer a translation to English as before. Help!

Submitted on 7-Mar-2014 by steve alessini

Hi anyone can help ??? walla is asking for new stronger password but it is all in Hebrew. used Bing translator but on bottom says put nos. 123 can not figure out where the nos. are.?? why can not walla also give the page in English? who can I write at walla?

Submitted on 2-Apr-2014 by anil

Hello there, i've problem with captcha in login page. how can i solve it?

Submitted on 15-Jul-2014 by tasosv

How can I read the numbers in the captcha at the bottom of the reset password page? Please let me know any suggestions?

Submitted on 11-Sep-2014 by Nic Kay

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