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My son sat a colour blind test and failed the book but passed the harder test is he still able to become an electrician

Submitted on 09-Jan-07 by Neve Evans

I have a house that has a ac mounted in the wall. Every time I try to run my computer with the ac on I trip the breaker. I can't move either one. So can I put one on its own breaker and how do I do this?

Submitted on 11-Aug-07 by Mike jones

How many circuit can I pull in a raceway. I was tolded only 6. I can't fine it in the NEC.

Submitted on 02-Jun-08 by Jerome Luckett

I have a 10.5 kw shower. what size mcb do i need? thanx

Submitted on 16-Jul-09 by trevor rowles

how many 120vac duplex recepticals are allowed in one electrical branch in a residental home

Submitted on 02-Sep-09 by gary

Anything I plug into a new electical outlet pops and goes up in smoke. Any ideas on what may be wrong?

Submitted on 13-Oct-09 by Dan Evans

"I am replacing a 3 way switch, circa 1986. The old switch had 7 poles, 4 down one side and 3 down the other. The one that was sold to me at home depot has 6 poles on it and I thought I wired it jsut like the old one was wired wuth the exception that I had one extra wire that I capped off. I have 2 red wires, 2 white, one black, one grey and the ground. Which wire goes to which pole?"

Submitted on 25-Oct-09 by Gary

is it possible to use knob and tube to power 6-3inch 50 watt halogen high hats that are branch wired. and possible use a 3 way switch?

Submitted on 04-Nov-09 by salvatore

How do I connect a resettable 30 amp DC breaker between my car battery to a trickle charger that I need to connect to a marine battery on my tow trailer?

Submitted on 06-Nov-09 by bob

If you have 1 end of an electrical wire. What kind of tool do you use to located the other end of that wire

Submitted on 05-Dec-09 by Shaji

can i upgrade my 70 amp main to a 100 amp

Submitted on 24-Jan-10 by Ron owen

Are switched fused connection units double pole? I want to use one as an isolating switch for a central heating boiler.

Submitted on 02-Mar-10 by Robert Watkins

what timer can I use so my timer for a pool doesn't trip my ground fault when the times out

Submitted on 19-Apr-10 by bill mossau

"I have new AC unit that was put in it keeps on tripping the breaker. It was working just fine when it was put in 2 weeks ago. The breaker is 50 amp 2 pole it is about 65'-75' away from the AC unit. #8 thwn-2 wire. Compressor 1ph 18.3 RLA 109 LRA Fan Motor 1ph 1.5 FLA 1/4 HP. Is the breaker big enough to handle the load, or the wire big enough? Is the breaker any good?"

Submitted on 15-Jun-10 by David Bruder

Does the triplex need to be upgraded when upgrading service from 100A to 200A with a class 200 meter already in place?

Submitted on 02-Jun-11 by Dave

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