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i need to print the hieroglphics

Comment submitted on 19-May-07 by ayo


Comment submitted on 08-Jun-07 by ashley


Comment submitted on 08-Jun-07 by ASHLEY

"How to translate this sentence into Hieroglyphics. ""When traveling through life always remember your third eye"""

Comment submitted on 09-Jan-08 by Mike waters

I cant even put anything in heiroglyphics. Dont come to this website its a ripoff

Comment submitted on 26-Feb-08 by Derek jones

good not all right tho heehee

Comment submitted on 02-Mar-08 by becky

"I need something to translate today's words and names into hieroglyphics,but my computer won't let me translate any words into hieroglyphics."

Comment submitted on 24-Mar-08 by Klein Dure

I am looking for someone that can translate what I think is hieroglyphic lettering into English for me

Comment submitted on 07-Apr-08 by Lonnie

i want to translate hieroglyphics - on the back of the scarab beetle - into english for my project

Comment submitted on 07-Apr-08 by ashljey robinson

can you please translate ' kerri-anne' and 'live love life'

Comment submitted on 11-May-08 by k-a

how do you right gilliland in hieroglyphics?

Comment submitted on 15-Aug-08 by ben gilliland

the egpytians depend on the Nile River for food bathing and cleaning.

Comment submitted on 24-Sep-08 by amber stone

4 homework i hav to write an story in hieroglyphics but i cant thnk of an story!:P

Comment submitted on 29-Sep-08 by Beth


Comment submitted on 01-Oct-08 by brittany

Please can someone translate 'happens' 'darkness' 'prevails' and 'reason' for me into hieroglyphs?

Comment submitted on 03-Apr-09 by Mel

Please could someone translate 'always in my heart' and 'lest we forget' in to hierglyphics?

Comment submitted on 09-Apr-09 by Lindsay

cool its great

Comment submitted on 19-Oct-09 by hannah

hi can someone please translate (The LORD is my Judge) for me thanks

Comment submitted on 28-Oct-09 by daniel

"Once there was a boy named, Hatchuto. He was a loving little boy and was very playful. He loved to go on adventures. One day, the boy fell ill. Every day he got sicker. His cute little body became skinny and small. After a long time he was not able to move. He could not be cured. Then the poor boy died. May you rest in peace little Hatchuto."

Comment submitted on 03-Dec-09 by Sammi Bornhardt

wait i thought it would translate what i wrote. I wrote the comment above thinking it would translate!!! Sorry!

Comment submitted on 04-Dec-09 by Sammi

i love hieroglyphics!

Comment submitted on 21-Dec-09 by salman

"fjyhg kn n , vgv v fvyhygvhv jb tv"

Comment submitted on 26-May-10 by syd gub v8oh

"can you please translate: Thy, will be done! thanks!"

Comment submitted on 20-Jul-10 by kaye

"Rise And Rise Again, Until Lambs Become Lions"

Comment submitted on 24-Oct-10 by Nic Spalding

Ingrid Maria Keeley

Comment submitted on 27-Oct-10 by Ingrid Keeley


Comment submitted on 03-Feb-11 by padegaimema


Comment submitted on 19-Jul-11 by stacey

Comment submitted on 16-Nov-2019 by Joanna

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