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They have improved their service. Trust me. You can download very easily.

Comment submitted on 24-Dec-06 by Kalo

it's difficult to find megashares links. i also use rapidshare both the de and the com. rapidshare is by far the most popular. it's a shame someone has not created a site just for megashares links so you could take your pick. i can't complain as i have had a lot of games and movies through megashares but i had to waste a lot of time searching for links. their own search function is crap. happy new year.

Comment submitted on 31-Dec-06 by ivor

this site reminds me of all those rapidsh*te boolook sites (too many hourly/countdown timers etc) STAY WELL AWAY ;)

Comment submitted on 02-Jan-07 by rapidshite hater

Megashares is awesome. I got a 6 month link card for 25$. Beats paying Euros to Rapidshare. Uploads as big as 10GB! Top 200 IMDB movies + Top 90 Games of 2006. No reason not to buy.

Comment submitted on 12-Jan-07 by Dustin

"Megashares rocks, it has most things from films to games. Either use their own search engine for the links or check out shadyblock .com The user adwrz only hosts on megashares and has everything!! its awesome"

Comment submitted on 27-May-07 by Dave

"my downloads are very good, but if theres nothing there I have gotten my moneys worth I guess since ya know what your get right right I have 400 links to share lets make a deal"

Comment submitted on 31-Jul-07 by samurai

"Like the other person, I paid for a 6 month link card for 25$. after 3 months of service I get this error The link card login is invalid, or the card is expired or has no more links. Apparently my card was used in over 70 countries and do not see how that is possible, i would stay clear of them as they are not reliable."

Comment submitted on 05-Aug-07 by Andy


Comment submitted on 07-Aug-07 by Grey

"I paid the 50$ link card...tried to download a movie. Clicked on link to download 20 different success, went to blank screen. Right click and save file will download file regarlesss of size, but provides a .php file extension...cannot view movie. What can I do to make the movie download as a .mkv file? Please help!"

Comment submitted on 03-Sep-07 by Guy

"i think Megashares recently closed some of the free download slots available. Maybe 4 more business, i dunno. but now i cant download as much anymore, have to refresh page til ""link slot"" is open. Anybody agree on that?"

Comment submitted on 06-Nov-07 by Eugene

i know that is genuine and has a good service but i'm frustrated with this prob i have now. i can't afford a link card as i'm only 18 and the conversion from USD to my country's unit currency makes it way too expensive.

Comment submitted on 06-Nov-07 by Eugene

i have waited 3 weeks still all download slots are full!!

Comment submitted on 12-Nov-07 by carlo

Megashares has become horrible recently. Cant get a free download slot for hours and even days.

Comment submitted on 17-Nov-07 by Monk

"The reason all the download slots are full is because they are being used by the people who pay, and those people never ever have to wait. If you pay for an account, you have UNLIMITED downloads at an UNLIMITED speed (unlike paying with rapidshare) and file uploads can be up to 10GB (unlinke rapidshares 100MB) so there is no need to have to join broken .rar files which often end up corrupted. i donwload HD movies some over 8Gb which download flawlessly in a matter of hours..."

Comment submitted on 20-Nov-07 by Steven Powell

i need link card can anybody share with me plz ?

Comment submitted on 27-Nov-07 by Volkan

Don't waste your money of this stupid site. They don't have shit to download period.

Comment submitted on 29-Feb-08 by What?


Comment submitted on 03-Mar-08 by Idiots Megashares rules Rapidshare is so crapy slow get real

"Megashares is way better then rapid or others... rapid only allows 25 gb download in a 5 day period...megashares is unlimited, faster and just plain site is all megashares and nothing else."

Comment submitted on 22-Mar-08 by CanBert

"sucks balls uploaded legal content so my friend could download, uploading was fine cause it was maxed out...friend went to download was half the speed of my Would be faster to burn the shit too cd and post it too him, fuck megashare piece of crap site."

Comment submitted on 25-Mar-08 by Mega BS

"megashare does suck, megashares is what pwns. you can't use a free account, of course the speed will be slow, to get any content fast and unlimited cost you less than a sixpack everyplace else rapes"

Comment submitted on 29-Mar-08 by flashget leecher

"I have a problem with megashares links that during downloading any links from megashares and sudden my internet connection got off and immediately got on, then I cant resumed my download back. Stuped messege appeared and persisting that your link host not found so, what I have to do? Any help plz. Already i have a premium account. Thanks."

Comment submitted on 22-Apr-08 by HuNTeR

One of the worst file hosting service! Slow and stupid

Comment submitted on 31-May-08 by Nocturnus

"Hi all -- be advised that I have signed up for a 3 month period with ms and I can t d/l any files. Whenever I click on "" click to download"" the page reloads and that s it. Using Sfarai in standard settings, same happens with Firefox. No reply at all from ms help desk / support/ feedback or sale -- don t know if it s my system but the fact that they don t even reply p/m/o ? Stop signing up until these jerks learn what customer service means if they want our money. Cheers Bapu"

Comment submitted on 01-Jun-08 by Bapu65

"i've been a customer for months, got their 6month deal for $25! never any problems because I know what I am doing and not an idiot. Sounds like you are on a MAC and telling the majority of the world what to do based on your small environment, how brilliant of you."

Comment submitted on 17-Jun-08 by idiotindians

"I agreee with Bapu65. I owned the premium account for megashares. It is the worst of all comparing with Megaupload and Rapidshare. Everytime i clicked on a download link on megashares, the pages reload and thats it. Nothing gets downloaded. Secondly there is really not much download link for megashares. SO don't purchase anything from megashares; just DON'T waste your money"

Comment submitted on 23-Jul-08 by Asianguy

"hi guys i once used megashares an was all fine. but after some months i decided to buy it again cause the 1st time i was kinda satisfied , but now i`am not to tell the thruth my downloads keep arriving at 1.999gb and they stop. itried in different ways to make the resume but notin works and megashares just dont give a damn abouth their customers i`ve sent lots of e mails to them but withut any reply"

Comment submitted on 24-Jul-08 by chunter

"I'm not sure what you guys are all complaining about. I have a 20mbit connection (fios from verizon). I have a filefactory, 2 rapidshare and 1 megashare account. Only reason I have 2 rapidshare accounts is because of their crappy limits. I always go for megashare links first as it's my favorite of the three. Single link (instead of 100/200 mb files that have to be rebuilt). I also get full dl speeds at over 2Mb/second."

Comment submitted on 13-Aug-08 by david

"The only issue I've had is with finding links for older ""items"" that usually get deleted from not being downloaded. I hate to break it to you, that 1.99 download issue is probably on your end, not ms's."

Comment submitted on 13-Aug-08 by david

what did i do wrong i bought a 1 month premium megashare $10. when i tried to download it asked me for a link card login Question is: is the premium different from the link card? I just want to download not upload. thanks in advance for answer.

Comment submitted on 11-Oct-08 by confused

totally different with (s) no (s)

Comment submitted on 12-Oct-08 by and

where do u guys get meagshares link from?

Comment submitted on 12-Nov-08 by greatjoy

"when i started with three months ago, it was fabulous, but now its absolutely crap. I mean I was downloading a file 6.5 GB large and what happens when its 90% complete it stops and when i try resuming it says file doesn't exist, absolute rubbish. I've wasted 5gb of bandwidth thanks to frigging MEGASHARES. Don't go for megashares ppl opt for rapidshares it's still the best and most stable."

Comment submitted on 21-Nov-08 by dman26

Just bought a 6 Month account on megashare and now donloading my first file from them using flashget. Downloadspeed is between 60 and 80 kb pr second with. When Im downloading with Rapidshare I always download with 1MB pr second. I have a 10 MB Connection. What can I say....Megashare SUCKS BIG TIME

Comment submitted on 22-Nov-08 by Henrik

I think thye are having problems this weekend. It has always worked great for me but starting Friday it has sucked lamost not working at all for me. I have purchased one month accounts a few times and this last time i got the 6 month one and now it isn't working right.

Comment submitted on 22-Nov-08 by Megashares

"Megashares used to be great for premium users, but over the last year it has changed. Half the time I can't download a single thing with my premium account. I am not going to renew my premium account and would recommend that others don't either."

Comment submitted on 24-Nov-08 by Vicki

Megashares stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a premium account and it tells me that I cannot download. Their service used to be good but now it stinks. Don't waste a dime on their lack of service.

Comment submitted on 20-Dec-08 by Vicki

"They are NOT worth it!!! Bought 3 months ticket and now no dowloads AT ALL? Not my side 100% is their lack of response and i think their ""accounts"" setup is screwey..or on purpose. Take the $$$ and tough luck for the client. Rapidshare at least is stable and responsive to queries. New management? Or just contempt? I would warn anyone to stay away."

Comment submitted on 28-Dec-08 by Joe

"egashare is a scam, purchased their unlimited 1 month link card, but after 10 days of used they terminate the link card their reason, abuse of used, they told me that the link card was used to download files from different country,how is that, i am the only one using the link card for sure,they are only after your money no suuport, what so ever. dont buy link card they are scam"

Comment submitted on 30-Dec-08 by nesl

"7GB files without limits- amazing! i'd retry a couple times on megashares vs paying rapidshare only to get 2.66GB/day!! I get faster speeeds too (~2MB/s with ms, only ~300K/s with rs) A friend shared his account and it was terminated quickly. to me that's not a scam, that's a great system - why should I suffer with my legit account because you kids are abusing their site? only sucky thing is when downloading a movie and the uploader deletes it or it gets removed. but that's everywhere."

Comment submitted on 02-Jan-09 by great1

"Problems with my megashares speed too. Found on the megashare(dot)com homepage ""Megashare has now moved to a bigger host with unlimited capacity. Coming soon new, improved Megashare design and game changing new features. Including paying Megasharers up to $25.00 per 1000 downloads,providing Megasharers with over 10 petabytes of free storage,free unlimited uploads/downloads upto 2000 MB per file...."" I bought an account and its's superfast. Much better than megashares or rapidshare even now"

Comment submitted on 25-May-09 by Stan Frost

I've never used megashares yet but I'm thinking about getting one. i think it would be easier than putting all the damn parts in a download manager. speed are about the same for me megashares is a little bit faster.

Comment submitted on 31-May-09 by CrYmsYn

i want only free downloads rapidshares files why i use premium ouccont

Comment submitted on 17-Jul-09 by Mehar Jee

"can anyone share to me a megashares link card account? please i want to download a file with 7.17GB, i was very sad if i must wait a day to get 250mb free download, THANKS"

Comment submitted on 26-Aug-09 by M_C

"Been a linkcard user for almost 2 years, never had any issues, downloaded terabytes of data, every new movie, tv, game you name it. I never shared or used anything phishy (website claiming to help megashares downloads or application claiming to speed up my downloads). And at $25-30 for 6 months I've only spent $150 and filled over 5 hard drives!"

Comment submitted on 29-Jan-10 by Dl Alote

"When is certainly the iphone five most likely to show up? I've verizon and would like to obtain the new iphone when my contract is up in May, I would like to discover if the apple iphone 5 is arriving out anytime in the future, for the reason that if so, I'd stick it out more time to have that instead of the iphone 4."

Comment submitted on 27-May-11 by iphone 5 review

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