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Hott notes 4.1

free sticky notes reminder program for your desktop. No ads, no spy-ware. Not only can you post sticky note reminders, you can make checklists, set alarms, draw on your notes, and archive.

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"VERY Easy to use, and I like the color schemes. Auto-saves notes and restarts with Windows. Has it's own recycle bin for getting back those accidently crumpled notes. Still new and so kind of buggy, crashes if you resize windows too small after editing colors. Didn't lose my saved notes-yay! Had a problem using multiple monitors with this software. No other bugs that I could find... still it's EZ to use and colors are nice, No option to draw on the notes. ITS FREE!"

Submitted on 01-Jun-07 by Timothy Kukler

"I've been looking for a good sticky note desktop app for a while now. After trying out a few apps, I am convinced this is the best of the lot! The notes are snappy and easily customizable. The option to change the background theme from a drop down list and a well designed notebook manager makes it a superior product. Ability to create check list note and a scribble note in addition to the default note makes it easily the best freeware option out there - as far as I can tell."

Submitted on 22-Nov-07 by Procrastinator

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