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i would like to try it

Comment submitted on 09-Feb-07 by GINETTE GAUVIN

i like to have one

Comment submitted on 28-May-07 by michael bendaravicius

Is this a trick? Please send me a free diabetic alert necklace. I will try it and comment on it later. Thank You!

Comment submitted on 26-Sep-07 by Ronald Boyling

I have type 2 Diabetes.

Comment submitted on 28-Sep-07 by Edward Shackelford

This is great as I have Diabetes and it's getting worst yet can not find an alert that doesn't cost and arm and leg. Thank you

Comment submitted on 29-Mar-08 by Lisa King

i would feel much happier if my son had one for when i am not with him.

Comment submitted on 01-Apr-08 by Rebecca Bennett

type 2. just found out.

Comment submitted on 06-Jun-08 by david jones

"Type II, please send free i necklace. Thanks"

Comment submitted on 13-Jun-08 by Angela

"Type II, please send free diabetic ID necklace. Thanks"

Comment submitted on 13-Jun-08 by Angela

"I have type 2 diabetes, have an alert bracelet. It was constantly getting it nicked causing SHARP spots on the emblem, then it gets snagged on sweaters, long sleeved shirts, etc. So, I've decided to try a necklace instead, but, wow, are they pricey.......then I found this site! Please send me a ""FREE"" Necklace so I may comment on your product.....Thank You"

Comment submitted on 28-Jun-08 by Harry

I want a free necklace for type 2 diabetes

Comment submitted on 04-Sep-08 by stephanie yelekci

Newly diagnosed in feb type 1 thought you could only get this type under the age of 40 was I wrong I need a necklace please

Comment submitted on 10-Dec-08 by michele

Im glad that there is someone willing to help people that needs it. I just found out that i have type II also.

Comment submitted on 18-Mar-09 by Anthony P Partain

Insulin Depentant for 28 years

Comment submitted on 26-Mar-09 by Valerie Bourgeois

Daughter type 1 diagnosed last april would like to have a necklace.

Comment submitted on 03-Apr-09 by Angelica Uehling

I want a free necklace for type 2 diabetes

Comment submitted on 22-May-09 by Content Sasso

im type 1 and 6 years old i would like a necklace please so every1 will no that i am diabetic instead of me having to tell every1 at scool last year i was diagnosed thankyou very much bye

Comment submitted on 05-Jun-09 by charlotte

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