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86 Avast Scanner reviews and user comments:


Submitted on 19-Dec-07 by hemant

thank you

Submitted on 16-Feb-08 by moustrafa

How does Avast work?

Submitted on 07-Aug-08 by jamal

i should like to scan my pc because is very slowly

Submitted on 10-Oct-08 by ornelio

thanks for scanning

Submitted on 01-Feb-09 by ashish jaiswal

I wanna To Clean My System ON ONLINE Bcause ITS Working Slow

Submitted on 23-May-09 by khaja

I would love to scan my laptop asap online

Submitted on 06-Jun-09 by Patrick

Full scan my system

Submitted on 22-Jun-09 by Abdul Radeed Firows

its a very good

Submitted on 29-Jun-09 by yogesh kumar


Submitted on 05-Jul-09 by ROHIT

my laptop is in grave danger..its working very slow....plzzzzzz scan my laptop online...antivirus not working coz of virus...

Submitted on 09-Jul-09 by abcaxyz

please scane my laptop

Submitted on 22-Jul-09 by jinal

very good

Submitted on 25-Jul-09 by raja

i want to scan my pc because of a virus that do display on my system showing that This computer is being attack pls do something now before i lose my files

Submitted on 25-Jul-09 by HASSAN

been recommended by other users

Submitted on 06-Aug-09 by nivek tta

i want to scan my pc.without downloading antivirus

Submitted on 16-Aug-09 by lilly

how to scan online my pc

Submitted on 31-Aug-09 by abhishek

how to scan my pc by avast free online

Submitted on 31-Aug-09 by abhishek

i have virus in my computer.i want to remove that virus in my computer without downloading

Submitted on 05-Sep-09 by keerthi

please my computer scanning

Submitted on 07-Sep-09 by aliraza


Submitted on 07-Sep-09 by MOHAMMED SIDIG

protect my system

Submitted on 10-Sep-09 by chameera ganithage

i want to scane my computer through avasr

Submitted on 27-Sep-09 by topsxm


Submitted on 06-Oct-09 by rajbir singh


Submitted on 08-Oct-09 by naveen

my computer scan

Submitted on 15-Oct-09 by manoj

i wna to scan my compytre in midiatly as soon as basabol

Submitted on 28-Oct-09 by mohammed kahlawi


Submitted on 04-Nov-09 by ragava chary

"My virus has not detected! This virus, If delete it, it will come back again. And when I scan it using this Avast Scanner it's status is clear. I have a Avast Professional that is 5 years license and when I'm scanning this ""Lady Atenean Scandal,"" It can't be detected. Why? Please give me a reply Avast Company and you good friends."

Submitted on 07-Nov-09 by Desire Rae M. Zafra

it was so nice antivirus... i like it so much

Submitted on 08-Nov-09 by shivanshu


Submitted on 15-Nov-09 by dheerendra

scan my laptop for viruses

Submitted on 19-Nov-09 by Mayank Patel

happy with avst

Submitted on 29-Nov-09 by shilpi dey

scan my computer

Submitted on 05-Dec-09 by avdhesh

i want to updates my laptop with avast online

Submitted on 16-Dec-09 by ROBERT ESHUN

scan my laptop now its emergency

Submitted on 17-Dec-09 by robin

scan my computer system

Submitted on 24-Dec-09 by mohammed


Submitted on 05-Jan-10 by RAHUL

thank you

Submitted on 21-Jan-10 by amy

please scan my computer for all virse

Submitted on 10-Feb-10 by m akhtar

please scan my computer for all virse

Submitted on 10-Feb-10 by m akhtar


Submitted on 15-Mar-10 by khan

"pleas scan my PC,now!!!"

Submitted on 04-Apr-10 by yasha

drive c.d.e

Submitted on 05-Apr-10 by atanudas

"please scan my pc ,now!"

Submitted on 25-Apr-10 by georgica

only chaking various and please scane my laptop

Submitted on 10-May-10 by vinay kumar singh


Submitted on 21-May-10 by Manuel Enrique Marcano Veliz

hey you prople are not scnning my pc online

Submitted on 23-May-10 by nishant

i want to remove more than 1000000000 virus without any antivirus software...because i don have a net please help me

Submitted on 24-May-10 by salman anwaar

my pc scan

Submitted on 30-Sep-10 by anand

tell me how to scan the virus at the laptop

Submitted on 13-Oct-10 by shalu

i want to scan by network

Submitted on 10-Nov-10 by akram


Submitted on 22-Nov-10 by khalid

does avast has a free online virus scan for the whole system file of a pc?

Submitted on 24-Nov-10 by aris howard paul

i need to scan my laptop...plz scan my laptop

Submitted on 17-Dec-10 by jane

i need to scan my laptop...plz scan my laptop

Submitted on 25-Dec-10 by vinod

I need to scan my laptop ....Please scan my laptop

Submitted on 30-Dec-10 by Chinmay

plss scan my pc!

Submitted on 05-Jan-11 by cube179

please scan my pc

Submitted on 08-Jan-11 by sachin

my pc scan

Submitted on 20-Jan-11 by nilantha

i want deleted virus

Submitted on 25-Jan-11 by Ahmad Rashad

scanning a my leptop plese

Submitted on 18-Feb-11 by kalpesh babariya

It is a very good scanner.I likes.

Submitted on 03-Apr-11 by bholanath

avata is very good antivrius software

Submitted on 05-Apr-11 by prakash

scane virses from whole of my computer

Submitted on 21-Apr-11 by Raza

very good

Submitted on 05-Jun-11 by pankaj joshi

i want onlince san pc

Submitted on 11-Jul-11 by megh raj


Submitted on 22-Aug-11 by sydur

now plz scan my laptop plz dude

Submitted on 26-Oct-11 by rajat jangid

plz scane my laptap

Submitted on 08-Apr-12 by deepak soni

please scan my laptop

Submitted on 16-May-12 by arun singh


Submitted on 26-Jul-12 by bhavin

scan laptop

Submitted on 28-Jul-12 by victor


Submitted on 19-Aug-12 by suresh

its best to all antvirus......

Submitted on 21-Aug-12 by himanshu bhardwaj

i want to scane my laptop online

Submitted on 26-Aug-12 by pradeep


Submitted on 30-Aug-12 by shishram rajoria

it good for system

Submitted on 03-Sep-12 by praveen kumar

i have virus in my computer.i want to remove that virus in my computer without downloading....... plz help me.....

Submitted on 11-Sep-12 by Gursharn Singh

i want to scanne my laptop

Submitted on 15-Sep-12 by Rojan Gurung

full laptop scan

Submitted on 16-Mar-2013 by dinesh

: online free skening for laptop

Submitted on 18-Aug-2013 by manoj thakur


Submitted on 5-Sep-2013 by JUSTIN


Submitted on 29-Dec-2013 by CHILO MIDEVU

virus totly clineup

Submitted on 31-Oct-2014 by vikesh kumar

plz scan

Submitted on 2-Apr-2015 by liya

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