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Free file transfer services

Don't you know how to send large file over internet? So large that it's too big to put it in the email and the recipient is too far away to put the data on external or flash drive?

But, how to transfer the file?

There is a quick and easy solution!.

It's very simple - just upload your file to a server, fill in the recipient email address and he'll get a message where to download it from. And if you need to let the file be downloaded more than one time, or more than one recipient, use rather one of the file hosting service.

Best way to send large files:
no registration needed, upload up to 10GB big files and send to anyone. review
web-based file transfer/send service for free. You can send up to 15 files, total size is up to 3GB. Files you send are kept in 7 days max. review
anonymous and secure file sharing site with simple to use API. 5GB limit. The default expiry date is 14 days. review
temporary file hosting to transfer any file format (text, photo, video, data, etc.) weighing less than 2 GB. review
exchange files with friends, up to 3029MB, file will be automatically deleted after select number of days. review
file transfer sitew for up to 5 GB size, files available for 7 days, unlimited downloads. review
supports any file without the need to create and account. You can choose how long the file will stay online (7, 14, 21 or 30 days). review
send up to 1GB free. review
send data free of charge. Up to 6GB. All uploads will be automatically deleted after 21 days. review
send up to 2GB, files are saved for 7 days. review
file transfer service with 250 MB file upload limit and 2GB of space. 1 review
single upload transfer limit 2GB, storage time 2 days. review
pCloud Transfer
PcloudTransfer for large files up to 5 GB, no registration required. review
up to 5GB for free. review
self-destructing, single-use file sharing. No logging. All files will be deleted after defined number of views or days (max 7 days). review
Send Anywhere
send any file you want, up to 4GB. review
transfer large files over the internet. You can send up to 6 files at once. 1 review
transfer large files up to 30GB for free. review
upload up to 5 GB per file.Files are kept for 90 days. 1 review
no need to create an account, 10GB limit. review
transfer files of up to 1000MB. Uploaded files will stay online for up to 24 hours. review
up to 10 transfers per month, each file up to 2GB. Storage time: one week. review
for big files (up to 1GB) to anyone. Recipient(s) will receive an email with a link to download the file. The file is valid for 5 days or 50 downloads. 3 reviews
transfer your photos, videos and heavy documents of up to 4 GB per transfer. up to 5 transfers per day, 7 day availability. review
transfer can be up to 5GB in size and with as many files as you want. Password protection available. review
send up to 5GB files with optional password protection. review
file transfer for file of up to 1GB, for unregistered users will all uploads expire after 1 day. review
upload and send any file type, 5GB max. All files will be hosted for 30 days max. review
files expire after 24 hours, fo files of up to 100MB. review
for up to 14 days, store your files of up to 30GB size. 2 reviews
with a free account you can send up to 5GB to 15 recipients simultaneously. review
WeTransfer free file transfer service to send up to 2GB. Auto-expiry time: 7 days. review
share files with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires. You can send up to 10 GB. review

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