free file transfer services - secure solution to transfer big files over internet

Free file transfer

Are you thinking about large file transfer? Don't know how to send large file over internet for free? So large that it's too big to put it in the email and the recipient is too far away to burn it on CD? There is a simple internet solution! Use one of these reliable and secure free file tranfer services. It's very simple - just upload your file to their server, fill in the recipient email address and he'll get a message where to download it from. And if you need to let the file be downloaded more than one time, or more than one recipient, use rather one of the free file hosting service.


Free File Transfer Services:

free internet file transfer service, file will be stored online for max. 7 days. Comments 
transfer large files over the internet. You can send up to 6 files at once. Comments 1
send big files (up to 1GB) to anyone. Recipient(s) will receive an email with a link to download the file. The file is valid for 5 days or 50 downloads. Comments 3
free file transfer service. They'll temporarily (up to 14 day) store up to 6 files in total size of 100MB. Comments 2
another easy way to send up to 2GB for free. Comments 

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free file transfer services - secure solution to transfer big files over internet