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Virtual private network can be described as a better web proxy. Better protection, a higher level of anonymity, better encrypted. Plus if you need to bypass censorship or isp blocks, it's impossible with proxy.

The below listed free VPNs (really free, no credit card required) will usually give you some free data transfer per month, so it's useful if you need something safe to use occasionally on your phone or outside your home on a public wifi hotspot. Great as a free temporary vpn when needed.

Free VPN Services:

Avira Phantom VPN
free to use VPN for PC with end-to-end encryption and a firm no logging policy. 500MB per month. review
10GB data usage per month, no speed throttling, P2P supported on all 5 free locations (Germany, Canada, Netherlands, US East, US West). review
HotspotShield Free VPN
500MB per day data transfer limit, only 1 server location (United States), ad supported, slower speed than paid vpn account, does not work with some sites like BBC, Netflix, Hulu, Adult sites, etc. review
Kaspersky VPN
free to use VPN, unlimited devices, but only 200MB per day data allowance. review
Proton VPN provider
ProtonVPNno data transfer limit, but slower speed than paid accounts, 4 vpn servers location, (United States, Japan, Switzerland, Netherlands), no logs. review
free to use VPN extension for Google Chrome browser. 500MB daily limit. review
TunnelBear VPN
500MB of free data every month (an extra 1GB free for a tweet), no logging, strong AES 256-bit encryption, VPN server is 20 countries (United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Hong Kong, Denmark, Norway, Mexico and India). Beware: in 2018 it was acquired by McAfee ... so not the best free vpn anymore. review
Windscribe VPN network
Windscribefree vpn for PC with 10GB of data transfer per month (an extra 5GB free for a tweet), 11 server locations (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway and Romania) 1 review
servers in 3 locations (US, UK, Netherlands), 1 device only, 10 GB monthly bandwidth, limited P2P, 128bit encryption, no logs. review

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