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akFontViewer 3.2.0
32-bit utility that lets you view samples of all your installed fonts in Windows. It can show a list of fonts with each font rendered in its own typeface. Also a window much like a Character Map -- which is always active -- shows you which fonts have full character sets and which don't. Other features enable you to define a sample text string, and to check off attributes you'd like to display -- such as bold, italic, underline, and strikeout. Print function is also supported. broken link?Comments 
AMP Font Viewer 3.86
easy to use font manager, which allows getting a quick overview of both installed and non installed fonts. It can install and uninstall fonts, and organize them in categories. broken link?Comments 
Font Thing 0.80 beta 2
Program for managing TrueType fonts in Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 that can browse installed and even uninstalled fonts. broken link?Comments 
FontList 1.5
Create a HTML file that will show all the fonts installed on your computer. broken link?Comments 
FontLister 2.0
Fast font manager for all Windows versions (i.e. 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP and 2003). With this program you will never have troubles finding a font for a special task again. Now you can browse all your fonts collected on your CDs without first having to install them onto your system. If you decides to install or remove a couple of the fonts, you only have to press one button and it's immediately done. Furthermore, FontLister is able to print complete samples of all fonts even the ones loaded from CDs. broken link?Comments 
Tool to help you to examine and compare all the fonts on your system. You can view any typeface in bold, italic, underline and 3-D styles. broken link?Comments 
Free Font Renamer
got a font collection? Got a collection, but no order in it? Start by giving font files the names corresponding to the full font names. For example, you can rename MLON_I.TTF to Milion Italic.ttf. This name speaks for itself, it is simple and clear. broken link?Comments 

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freeware font tools font managers and more