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Let's say you are writing a letter, working on a flyer or something that you want to print.

You want to choose the perfect font.

If there will be only a few options like Arial, Helvetica, Verdana and Times New Roman or just two Serif and Sans Serif, it will be easy. But as there are many more, you need a tool that will help you.

And if you work with fonts regularly, you have found that the system font management tool is not perfect.

Below is a list of tools that can help you with installing, uninstalling and renaming fonts or tools where you can compare fonts and find the perfect pair.

Best Font Managers and Tools:

akFontViewer 3.2.0
32-bit utility that lets you view samples of all your installed fonts in Windows. It can show a list of fonts with each font rendered in its own typeface. Also a window much like a Character Map -- which is always active -- shows you which fonts have full character sets and which don't. Other features enable you to define a sample text string, and to check off attributes you'd like to display -- such as bold, italic, underline, and strikeout. Print function is also supported. review
AMP Font Viewer 3.86
easy to use font manager, which allows getting a quick overview of both installed and non installed fonts. It can install and uninstall fonts, and organize them in categories. review
a free character map application for Windows that allows you to browse through the entire Unicode character repertoire of nearly 144,000 characters, or search for a particular character by name or by code point. Characters can then be copied to the clipboard for use in any Unicode-aware application. review
BirdFont 4.28
Birdfontbirdfont is a free font editor which lets you create vector graphics and render TTF, OTF, EOT and SVG fonts. review
CR8tracer 1.1
convert bitmap images into monochrome PS, EPS, SVG or GFS vector formats. review
Font Install and Backup
a simple program that will backup all your fonts and install them all with 3 clicks. review
Font Thing 0.80 beta 2
Program for managing TrueType fonts in Windows that can browse installed and even uninstalled fonts. review
Font Viewer
font organizer that renders all installed font families in a scrollable grid view, and allows you to change the size, color, background-color and displayed text, all at the touch of a button. review
font manager made by designers, for designers. Lightning fast, with beautiful interface, and totally free. Works on Mac and Windows. 1 review
FontForge 2019-08-01
FontForgea free and open source font editor. Actively developed. review
FontList 1.6
Create a HTML file that will show all the fonts installed on your computer. review
Fontpage 3.0.2
Tool to help you to examine and compare all the fonts on your system. You can view any typeface in bold, italic, underline and 3-D styles. review
Fontster 1.05
an easy to use font viewer. review
FontViewOK 8.12
simple tool to a quickly overview and compare all installed fonts, or new fonts you have in a certain folder. review
FontViewOK 8.12
simple tool to a quickly overview and compare all installed fonts, or new fonts you have in a certain folder. review
Nexusfont 2.6.2
Nexusfonteasy to use tool to manage, compare and choose fonts. review
open source font viewer written in Java. It allows you to view both installed and uninstalled fonts. review
Raster Font Editor 0.14
easy-to-use font editor for the creation of bitmap fonts. review
WinFontsView 1.10
a small utility that enumerates all fonts installed on your system, and displays them in one simple table. For each font, WinFontsView draws 5 samples of the font in different sizes, in order to allow you to easily find and choose the desired font that you need. WinFontsView also allows you to view the fonts as Bold, as Italic or with underline, as well as it allows you to export the fonts list into html file. review

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