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AniTuner 1.0
Allows you to convert all of your animated cursors into little animations like video for Windows, animated GIF files or even single bitmaps which contain all cursor's frames. comment
Auto Screen Capture
a free program that automatically take screenshots of your screen at pre-defined time intervals. comment
Automatic Screenshotter 1.17.1
free tool that sits system tray and takes regular screenshots of your desktop or the active window. comment
AutoTrace 0.5
free program for converting bitmap to vector graphics. comment
Capture 2.02
Utility for Windows (and NT), which allows you to capture the entire screen, at any color depth and resolution, and save it into a bitmap file for editing. If you are interested in only capturing one window, you can select to capture the active application window only. comment
ChaosPro 3.2
Freeware fractal generator, able to create beautiful images based on mathematical formulas. comment
CleanSkinFX 1.0
Automatic retouch for portraits. It smooths the skin of the object while preserving all the details and crispness of hair, eyes or background. comment
open source virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. It manages your digital negatives in a database, lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you to develop raw images and enhance them. comment
Easy Thumbnails
free Windows utility for creating accurate thumbnail images and scaled-down/up copies from a wide range of popular picture formats. comment
Exif Pilot 6.4.0 / 6.6.0 beta updated
view, edit and remove EXIF, EXIF GPS, IPTC, and XMP data. comment
Exif Reader 2.80
Image data file analysis tool for Windows. As for a recent digital camera, all almost correspond to the image format named Exif. This software analyzes, and displays the information in image file. For instance, the shutter speed, the state of the flash, and the focus distance, etc. are included. comment
FastStone Screen Capture 9.5 updated
screen capture software that allows you to select and capture anything on your screen(s) including scrolling web pages. With its Text Board, you can easily annotate your screenshots with texts, arrowed lines, rectangles, highlights and watermarks. You can also crop, resize, adjust colors of your screenshots. Major graphic formats are supported: BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, ICO and TGA. comment
Gadwin PrintScreen 3.1
captures the contents of the screen with a single keystroke. The captured screen can then be sent to the printer, or saved to disk as a file in 6 different graphics file formats. It can capture the entire Windows screen, the active window, or a specified area, when the hot key is pressed. The hot key defaults to the PrintScreen key, but users may also define other keys to initiate a capture. comment
a light-weight screenshot software tool for Windows where you can annotate, highlight or obfuscate parts of the screenshot. comment
Harry's Filters 3.0
Over 55 filters for Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and other graphics tools. 1 comment
HPI Converter 2.0
converts HPI file into PNG file with alpha transparency. comment
Image Colorizer
a Windows and Mac application to colorize black and white photos. comment
ImBatch 7.3.0
a free multithreaded image processing tool for Windows. You can perform a variety of complex image editing tasks and applying those changes to hundreds of images at once. comment
Kasmir 3D 8.0.8 beta
Landscape renderer with support for full-raytracing rendering and Z-buffer renderinga and rendering clouds, fog, snow and mist. comment
LICEcap 1.28
simple tool that capture an area of your desktop and save it directly to GIF. comment
Morpheus 1.85
Program that lets you morph from one image to another. comment
NetDraw 2.0
Simple network drawing application, you can connect to a remote host, and start to draw, the remote host see your drawing in realtime and can print and save it. comment
PDF Thumbnail Generator 1.7
create thumbnail for your existing PDF files. When thumbnails are created and embedded into your PDF files, you will see the thumbnails displayed on the left column of your PDF Reader or Viewer (usually Adobe Reader). comment
PDF Watermark Creator 2.0
add a watermark (texts such as DRAFT, CONFIDENTIAL, or even your company's name) to PDF files quickly and easily. comment
Pencil Project 3.1.0
an open-source and easy to use GUI prototyping tool. comment
open source photo processor that handles your RAW files as well as your bitmap files (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and many more) in a non-destructive 16 bit processing pipe with gimp workflow integration and batch mode. comment
Photo Resize 3.5
easy-to-use tool for batch resizing of JPG pictures and photos. Drag and drop JPG files or folders with JPG files on the application icon and they will be resized and saved next to the originals. comment
Pic2Pic 1.2
Utility for batch conversion of image files with rotation, mirroring, and color resolution adjustment. comment
Screen Grab Pro 1.5
free screen capture software. It features one click grab of any screen for ease of use, timer operation, current window selection list and more. It copies a bitmap to clipboard ready for pasting. comment
ScreenHunter 4.0 free
Screen capture software which can copy the fullscreen, the active window, the client window or a rectangular area. It features auto-save of capture in BMP or JPG format, save to Clipboard, timed capture (1 to 60 seconds) and selectable hotkey capture (F1 to F10). 1 comment
Screentogif 2.27.3
easy to use tool to record your screen and save into animated GIF. Great for reporting errors or short how-to videos. Also as portable. comment
Simple webpage backgrounds creation tool. It makes a nice graph which you could easily paste to your favorite graphics editor using Windows clipboard. comment
Tiff2png 0.9
Provides direct TIFF-to-PNG conversion capabilities in a single package. The primary goal was to preserve alpha (transparency) information, but scaling information is also preserved, and the compression setting can be set by the user. This is a command-line program with batch capabilities. comment
UnFREEz 2.1
Application that will take any number of images, saved as separate GIF files, and create a single animated GIF from those images. comment
Url2bmp 1.03
Tool to convert and URL to image. comment
easy to use tool to make nice color / black+white effect to your pictures - keep one color and convert the rest to black&white. comment
WinMorph 3.01
Morphing and warping software. comment

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