free virus protection software keep you computer clean and safe

Free virus protection

For personal use, there are many free antivirus products that can protect you from viruses. Sometimes these are only scanners but often they are complete virus protection solutions (scanners, real-time protection and email protection). And just as a reminder: whichever you choose ... don't forget to update the virus definitions often.


Avast! home edition
complete antivirus program which is able to find computer viruses, to create and to check the integrity of the programs installed, to test the executed programs and opened documents, to test the email and other functions. There are two interfaces available: simple (CD recorder) or enhanced. Scanning is also available in the shell extension and screen server. Comments 
AVG free edition
Reliable protection against the threat of computer viruses including resident protection, email scanner, on-semand scanner, scheduled tests, free updates on monthly basis, automatic update feature, easy-to-use interface, automatic healing of infected files and virus vault for safe handling of infected files. Only for US and UK. Comments 1
Avira Free Antivirus
Well suited for Windows NT, 95 and 98, it detects over 40000 viruses. Includes a resident monitor and a desktop program. Available in English and German, complete, easy to use plus virus removal. Regularly updated. One Anti-Virus tool to scan for DOS, Windows, macro and java viruses. Comments 2
AVIRA Removal Tool for Windows
free, easy-to-use disinfection tool, specifically designed to remove a series of three threats from your system, such as Worm/Sober.J, Worm/Sober.P, Worm/Stanit.A. Comments 
BitDefender 8 Free Edition
free on-demand virus scanner. Comments 
ClamWin 0.97.5
free antivirus program for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and 2003. It comes with an easy installer and open source code. You may download and use it absolutely free of charge. Comments 
Comodo AntiVirus
eliminates all known viruses, worms and trojans. On-demand and on-access scanning, email scanning, process monitoring, worm blocker, scheduling and more. Free for life to the end user. Not compatible with Windows 9x systems. Comments 
Comodo Internet Security
combines the award-winning Comodo firewall and antivirus software in one easy-to-install suite. Comments 
Dr.Web CureIt!
free anti virus and anti spyware scanner based on the Dr.Web engine. As hundreds new viruses appear and spread in hours around the world daily, CureIt! with the newest definitions to the virus bases is re-built several times every day. The utility will quickly scan and cure, if necessary, a computer operated by MS Windows 95OSR2/98/98SE/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/2003R2. Comments 
Tool to safely detect and remove all known strains of the W95.CIH (Chernobyl) virus (known strains as of August 3rd, 1998) from memory under Windows 95 and Windows 98. Comments 
free antivirus toolkit to scan and clean your PC of virus, adware, spyware, trojans, registry errors and other malware. Comments 1
Panda Cloud Antivirus
free antivirus that uses cloud so it's updated every-time. Comments 
Script Defender 1.02
It will intercept any request to execute the most common scripting types used in virus attacks, such as Visual Basic Scripting (.VBS), Java Script (.JS), etc and can even be configured to intercept new script extensions as needed. Comments 

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free virus protection software keep you computer clean and safe