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Updated Freeware: June 1st 2017

  • SyncBack Free - easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files to another drive, FTP server, ZIP file, networked drive, or removable media. Highly configurable, SyncBack includes: detailed, easy to read log files, email results, simulated backups and restore, file filters, sub-directory selection, copy verification, background backups, auto-close of programs, easy and expert modes, profile groups, compare files, and an extensive context sensitive help file.
    Listed in: Freeware/Utilities/Backup

  • Emsa Port Blocker 1.2.39 - tCP blocking utility. What it does, is blocking unwanted tcp access from/to your computer with customizable rules. It is not a firewall, but acts in a somewhat similar fashion.
    Listed in: Freeware/Utilities/Security

  • WinSCP 5.9.5 (5.10 beta) - secure CoPy client for Windows using SSH. Its main purpose is safe copying files between local and remote computer. Beyond this basic function, WinSCP manages some other actions with files. WinSCP interface is based on Norton Commander. A local folder is displayed in the left panel and a remote folder in the right panel.
    Listed in: Freeware/Internet-and-Network/FTP